Monday, September 16, 2013

Microsoft mocks the new iPhone before making machines ... - ZDNet

Technology: In a scathing advertising, running in Apple Microsoft derision and marketing around its new iPhone. Shortly after the release, the publisher has removed the video however.

The Next Web spotted a YouTube video mocking Apple and the new recently released by the manufacturer of iPhone models. And the author of this ad is none other than Microsoft, and more specifically the Windows Phone team editor.

video shows an Apple meeting and made a presentation to Mr. visibly design Apple, Jony Ive (back), but also another person who could be Tim Cook, CEO of the manufacturer.

Microsoft recidivism, but self-criticism here

In this spot, Microsoft and derides the lack of innovation of Apple devices, as well as the marketing of the brand. And it ends with a tag: # timetoswitch [Editor's note: time change]. No Windows Phone devices, however, appears.

Advertising was then removed by Microsoft – but can still be found on YouTube – which is justified with Next Web “The video was designed as a light poke our friends in Cupertino. But she missed her goal and we decided to remove it. “

publisher yet is not the first video scratching Apple. Area and to promote Windows 8, Microsoft is more repeatedly and Apple iPad. And Redmond is not the only mocking Apple. Motorola (Google) there are also places recently.

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