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9 Images PHOTOS - End of Google Reader alternative - Metronews

Google Reader, it’s almost finished. On July 1, the RSS aggregator close its doors. For several months, the U.S. Web giant is refocusing its efforts on more innovative services, including its social network Google+. In March, he announced this logic abandon Reader.

Sites developed in a few months

closure of the service will not be without difficulty, many users still remaining attached to the system of RSS feeds. They inform almost in real time of new items published on a website. Very handy when you want to follow the news more closely.

But several alternatives exist happily. Some sites have even seized the opportunity to develop in just a few months of equivalent solutions to import all of its cash in just a few clicks.

  • Google takout
  • Feedly

  • AOL Reader
  • Digg

  • Reader
  • NewsBlur
  • The Old

  • Reader
  • Netvibes
  • Pulse
  • Flipboard

XAnge announces the sale of Neolane to Adobe for 600MUSD -

After accompanying Neolane since 2006 for its développementinternational, XAnge signed an agreement to sell its stake in Adobe.

Established in France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia, Neolane provides a forum formelogicielle dedicated to marketing and cross-channel communication. This solution enables the integration of online and offline data collected during marketing campaigns conducted on mobile, social networks, email or through traditional offline channels of communication.

Neolane platform offers a complete solution including all the functional tools that marketing managers need to analyze, plan, develop, execute and measure marketing activities: managing prospecting, cross-channel campaigns, resources marketing and merging incoming channels outgoing /, personalization campaigns, user experience and maximize ROI.

Neolane Adobe brings its proven management of cross-channel campaigns competence and reinforces supply Neolane Marketing Cloud. The Neolane technology has been trusted by over 400 customers worldwide and was recognized as a “Visionary” by Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for the cross-channel marketing industry.

Nicolas Rose, Partner at XangeCapital : “ This release is the culmination of the work of the founding team of Neolane who built a company with a global focus and positioning Strategic exceptional. This transaction is an American actor to also reward the efforts in supporting XAnge Neolane internationally and our vocation to teams capable of becoming market leaders emerge. We are particularly proud of this operation, which also confirms the ability of French entrepreneurs to create recognized at the highest level in the digital world “value.

Stéphane Dehoche, CEO of Neolane features XAnge Capital and knowledge of our sectors of intervention were decisive in our choice of the investor to support us at the time of to address international and open our subsidiary in the United States market and their extensive international experience, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon world, were decisive


major operation in the world of venture, this acquisition demonstrates the expertise XAnge in support of its portfolio companies internationally, including to the United States, with an experienced international team American and German in particular

funds managed by XAnge invested capital of Neolane in 2006, joining Auriga Partners entered the capital in 2002 and participated in a round of funding with Battery Ventures (USA) in 2011.

subsidiary of La Banque Postale, XangeCapital is a portfolio management company approved by the AMF for the private equity business
For more information:. www.

Neolane provides the only conversational marketing technology that allows businesses to create and optimize ongoing dialogue in one-to-one with each individual. With an integrated software platform with proven abilities in email management and fusion inbound / outbound marketing teams quickly increase their effectiveness and impact on sales.
Straight born into the digital world, technology Neolane is easy and fun to use, both for standard and advanced users. Agile and turned towards the future, Neolane has demonstrated its ability to help its customers adapt to new marketing challenges and exploit opportunities more quickly than its competitors. Neolane is used by more than 400 companies worldwide including Sony Music, Alcatel-Lucent, Sears Canada, Sephora Europe. Neolane was funded by Auriga XAnge and Battery Ventures fund
Visit the website

Voyager 1 in a no man's land space - Le Figaro

GRAPHICS – The mythical machine sent into space in 1977 has reached the limits of the Solar System and is located in a buffer zone between the interstellar void and the area influence of the Sun.

Last September, NASA is as mysterious and poetic announcement: Voyager 1 is trying to “dance” in the Solar System. A nice metaphor to explain the instruments of the craft more than 800 kg into space in 1977, have in recent months curious fluctuations to 18 billion kilometers from us, which is four times the distance between the Sun and Neptune. In three papers published Friday in Science , scientists at the U.S. space agency provide further details on these measures. And conclude that the controversial probe has not yet left the solar system.

Since his departure, three weeks after its twin, Voyager 2, it has doubled since Voyager 1 has always bathed in the stream of charged particles emitted by our Sun, also called “solar wind.” This “bubble” defines the contours of the area of ??influence of our star, the heliosphere, and protects us from the highest energy particles emitted by exploding stars at the end of life, the famous supernova. After several brutal cuts, temperate quick bursts, the most energetic flow of the solar wind particles (only the probe is still capable of recording) falls to a level close to zero in August, U.S. researchers write in a first article.

infographic space travel one solar system cosmic particles

In a second paper, they add that the number of galactic origin particles (cosmic rays) has soared to a parallel level. These two observations suggest that Voyager 1 is out of the solar system and is now in the interstellar medium. Problem, theorists were expecting a third key event during this highly symbolic way: a sudden change in the direction of the surrounding magnetic field. Now, explain the NASA scientists in a third paper, magnetometer measurements show an increase in intensity and no change in direction.

“It would be a remarkable coincidence that the solar and interstellar magnetic fields are perfectly aligned,” says Figaro Gary Zank, American physicist specializing in the modeling of solar magnetism. “If anything is possible, it seems very unlikely.” For Rosine Lallement, an astronomer at the Paris-Meudon Observatory involved in one of the instruments of Voyager 1, “no model where this does not preclude the probe has indeed left the heliosphere. ” “The magnetic field could simply progressively align the interstellar field that exists far from the Sun,” said the researcher, who nevertheless welcomed the exemplary data sets collected by his colleagues.

“The absence of a model where this does not mean that the probe has indeed left the heliosphere”

scientific director of the Voyager Mission, Ed Stone, 77, seems to hold the key to the choice made by NASA not to communicate on a possible output of the solar system. According Nature , it would have prevented the American Geophysical Union to make this announcement in December when the results were released today for the first time presented at a conference. The man is still awaiting confirmation “magnetic”. He would have gotten ten precious hours of listening per day on the Deep Space Network, the international network of satellite dishes to communicate with interplanetary probes, so as not to miss the crucial tipping.

Since September, no new magnetic data has filtered. The probe is thus suspended in space limbo, waiting patiently for scientists please decide to officially make the first man-made object to leaving the solar system.

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Adobe offers French Neolane for $ 600 million -

 Adobe offers the French Neolane $  600 million

Photo credit © Reuters

( – The American publisher Adobe has set his sights on the French digital marketing agency Neolane, he will buy for $ 600 million in cash (approximately € 460 million). It will become the sixth component of the cloud offers the group “Adobe Marketing Cloud.” Neolane has a platform that optimizes the management of multi-channel marketing campaigns via email, internet, social networks, call centers, mobile, mail and outlets …


“Today we extend our expertise to the world of digital marketing with the arrival of Neolane. Since the campaign creation to deployment, execution and optimization, Adobe technologies to manage the entire marketing device “, welcomed the head of the marketing division of the American group, Brad Bencher.

Transaction expected in July

Adobe, which is the sixth operation in the field since 2009, with the integration of Omniture, Day Software, Demdex, Autitude and Efficient Frontier, hoping to complete the transaction in July … It should not have a significant impact on the 2013 financial statements. Adobe can not yet estimate the contribution of Neolane in its accounts, “because of the absence, so far, certain costs related to the transaction and the allocation of the purchase price … Stéphane Dehoche the CEO, will continue to manage its teams in the division “Digital Marketing” of American.

growth of 40%

Neolane achieved in 2012 a turnover of 44 million euros, up 40%, with a workforce of about 300 people, while recipient but without specifying its margins. It boasts more than 400 enterprise customers, including 47 from the classification “Fortune 500″ the world’s largest companies …

A.B. – © 2013

Google is currently developing a game console and a ... - Digital Zone

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is currently developing a game console and a “SmartWatch” running its Android operating system

Google is currently developing a video game and a smart watch powered by the Android operating system. According familiar with the matter, the company seeking to develop projects beyond tablets and smartphones. Google hopes to fight similar devices that Apple could come out in the future.

Google is also preparing to release a second version of its media player on Android to be called Nexus Q, unveiled last year but not sold to the public system. According to the American giant, at least one device should be out this fall, Google hopes to design and market equipment itself in the future.

mobile operating system Android already dominates the market for mobile devices. Launched in 2008, fitted to 75% of all smartphones and 57% of tablets shipped worldwide, according to research firm IDC. Game console enable it to further expand its influence beyond smartphones and tablets.

Google Labs


games that run on Android have been very popular and have grown faster than those provided by the consoles of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo three main competitors. Google wants to develop a product to respond to Apple, its rival, which should release a video game console under the TV project “Apple TV” and an “intelligent” watch. Sony and Microsoft are no exception as they have unveiled new versions of their PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles One that should be put on sale in the year.

spokespeople for Google and Apple does not want to communicate about these projects

Finally, Google is currently developing a watch connected to tackle a little more Apple and Sony. The Mountain View company has also found that another competitor has just made its appearance on the console market. Indeed, the company Ouya Inc. has kick-off for the marketing of its Android console $ 99.

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Adobe offers Neolane, a French nugget of digital marketing -

U.S. software Adobe Systems continues its shop in digital marketing, putting his hand on the French company Neolane, a nugget created in 2001 for which it will pay $ 600 million in cash. (Read the press release)

The transaction is expected

“many” contribute to the growth of this industry in the coming years, the company said in explaining this important development.

“What attracted us Neolane is the strength of its team and its technology,” he told AFP Brad Rencher, Adobe vice president, digital marketing division, reached by phone .

“Neolane provide a crucial technology in marketing + cloud + (management via internet stored on remote computers data) from Adobe, in particular the sending personalized messages across all channels” of communication (web, email, social networks, mobile, mail, point of sale), he added.

“We have many customers in common. This is an opportunity for us to provide more value, and disseminate more technology Neolane” with hundreds of thousands of Adobe customers continued Brad Rencher.

This acquisition will allow the U.S. company to offer its customers a complete management of a marketing device, from campaign creation to deployment, execution and optimization.

The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to be finalized “in the next month” but customers and prospects should already receive information shared.

400 customers around the world

Currently, the French company has a portfolio of over 400 customers worldwide (Axa, Accor, Fortis, Sephora, EMI Music, Canon, Sony Music, etc.).

She realized in 2012 a turnover of € 44 million (+40% year on year), of which more than half took place outside (and fourth in the United States), said Auriga Partners, the fund management company is the largest shareholder of Neolane with more than 20% of the capital.

selling its shares, Auriga will multiply by 33 the amount originally invested.

The remaining shares are held by the venture capital firms Battery Ventures and XAnge who provided funds in 2006 and 2011, as well as co-founders and employees, told AFP Stéphane Dehoche, CEO of Neolane will remain in place after the operation.

headquarters remain in Paris

“All co-founders enjoy this new adventure. This is very good news for the team. We will all stay and there is no reason to change anything,” especially for the location of the seat – which will remain in Paris – or the number (over 300)


Neolane was created by four French entrepreneurs Dehoche Stéphane Stéphane Dietrich, Thomas Boudalier Benoït and Gourdon. After the first steps abroad, the United Kingdom and Sweden, the company has carried out several capital increases to accelerate expansion and access to promising North American market.

Its purchase is the sixth external growth operation conducted by Adobe in the field of digital marketing, after the acquisition of Omniture (2009), Day Software (2010), Demdex (2011), Auditude (2011) and Efficient Frontier (2012).

New opportunities available

“We made some very strategic acquisitions in digital marketing in recent years and we will continue to watch” for possible acquisitions or partnerships, said Brad Rencher.

American group felt that the acquisition should be no significant impact on its results and business sales in 2013. But it is still too early to fully assess the future impact on its revenues, he noted.

“digital marketing activity recorded the fastest growth of Adobe now, with a turnover of about $ 750 million last year. In the last quarter, it jumped 17% . “

“Neolane will bring a lot more growth in the coming years,” said Brad Rencher.

(With AFP)

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Windows 8.1: Microsoft has listened to its users - The Point

The – Published on 27/06/2013 at 18:38

The software giant announced Wednesday the components that will add to its operating system, including a new start button.

“I understand you!” Microsoft could say to clients Wednesday. After numerous criticisms that have tarnished the launch of Windows 8, the end of 2012, the publisher has announced many changes to its latest operating system. Not least. Scheduled for late 2013, Windows 8.1 will return the Start button, whose disappearance had focused exasperation users. However, the new button will not be the same as the old one, which is found in all versions since Windows 95. It will use a different menu, collecting applications or shortcuts created by the user, but not a complete tree of the computer as it was the case until Windows 7.

Another development, customization will further, with more colors and shapes available. But it is so obvious that one has difficulty understanding why it took more than a year to have these options … The search interface is enhanced to better integrate the results from the cloud, so files and content stored online by the user. The side of the App Store Windows Store, which now surpassed the 100,000 apps using modern interface, things are also changing with the emergence of codes, which allow the marketing of cards in physical stores, to have a purchase credit applications, music or movies.

A slow progression

The announcements were made during the “Build”, the annual conference of Microsoft developers. A pre-release (“preview”) Windows 8.1 is already available for download, and will remain valid until January 2014. “Between now and the release of the final product, we will continue to make improvements,” but says Olivier Ribet, director of the Windows division in France. “We took into account user feedback,” he adds. It is commendable, as it is rare in this market. Apple, for example, never admit to being influenced by the opinion of its customers … As for the availability of the final version of Windows 8.1, which will be free for owners of Windows 8, Olivier Ribet is adamant “When it’s ready before the end of 2013 for sure!”.

Eight months after its launch, Windows 8 has not yet imposed, with 5% market share in France. However, the software should take advantage of the explosion of touch: “There are six times more tactile models today, compared to October 2012 (when launching, ed),” comments Olivier Ribet, hailing a “very acceleration large number of tablet models, hybrids and all-in-one. ” And this, including at attractive rates, below 400 dollars (306 euros), as noted with pleasure the boss, Steve Ballmer. Will seduce all budgets.

Three habitable planets around a star - BBC

This is the first time that such a comprehensive and potentially capable of supporting life system is highlighted in the Milky Way.

“A busy habitable zone” that is how the European Southern Observatory (ESO) describes the discovery, announced Tuesday morning, the existence of three extrasolar planets around the star Gliese 667C. The international team of astronomers led this work has established that it is “super-Earth” that is a bit more massive than the Earth’s rocky planets, located at the right distance from their star (or too close or too far) to house the liquid water on their surface. However, that said liquid water, said emerging possibility of life.

Located in the constellation of Scorpio, just 22 light years away, Gliese 667C is a “red dwarf,” that is to say, a less massive star three times and a hundred times less luminous than our Sun, which is long been in the sights of hunters extrasolar planets. In November 2011, researchers at the Astrophysics Laboratory of Grenoble, had already caused a sensation by revealing that housed three planets including one located in habitable zone.

“We know now that we need only observe a single star to discover more planets than to observe ten stars looking for one potentially habitable planet,”

With new observations made by the HARPS instrument installed on the 3.60 m telescope at ESO La Silla (Chile), the team led by Guillem Anglada-Escudé, University of Göttingen (Germany) and Mikko Tuomi, University of Hertfordshire (UK) has somehow doubled the lead.

It turns out that there are not three, but six (and possibly seven) planets around Gliese 667C three in the habitable zone. The event is significant: it is the first time that there are three planets theoretically able to harbor liquid water around a single star! In comparison, our solar system has only two: Earth and Mars (which is no longer …)


“The probability of finding potentially habitable planets in our galaxy is much larger than many of them are in orbit around a single low-mass star. We now know that we need only observe a single star to discover more planets than to observe ten stars looking for one potentially habitable “planet welcomes Rory Barnes, an astronomer at the University of Washington (USA) and co-author of the study.


Vincent Coudé du Foresto, an astronomer at the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, such discovery was inevitable. “It’s long been thought that the red dwarfs were conducive to this type of planetary system, there were of course to prove it!” He says Figaro .

study provides further food for thought on interest necessary to make these truly habitable planets climate. “Mars shows that it is not enough to be in the area to be conducive to the emergence of life,” he says. This includes the most distant planets have a dense enough atmosphere to redistribute heat surface.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Habitable planets, really? - Science and Life

Artist's impression of the system Gliese 667C Astronomers have discovered , announce concert band and the European Southern Observatory, the Keck Observatory and the University of Washington, not one, not two, but three planets “living” close to here, in the constellation of Scorpio! Throw on an astronomical scale, of course, 23 light-years, or about two hundred and ten thousand billion kilometers … Habitable? Yes, these three stars would be in the now famous and famous “zone of habitability” of their star, Gliese 667C here, understand at a distance that allows th e water to remain liquid on the surface. Water, life, etc., etc. … Of course, the team Guillem Anglada-Escude, Mikko Tuomi, Enrico Gerlach, Rory Barnes, Rene Heller, James S. Jenkins, Sebastian Wende, Steven S. Vogt, R. Paul Butler, Ansgar Reiners and Hugh R. A. Jones does not explicitly announce that life forms were observed with a telescope on these three new worlds, to meet in the name of Gliese 667C c, f Gliese 667C and 667C Gliese e, but in any case the ad – which follows a string of press releases habitable planets across the galaxy – is indeed written for us to fantasize …
Dreaming possible , and all the more easily that nobody in the coming decades, will not refute that these planets are – or not – of living … For the record, that the question of the habitability of the planet Mars is placed for four centuries, and that to this day, after forty years of in situ exploration of the red planet, nobody eve n gets to decide the question! So planets located a million times farther than Mars?
Search for exoplanets, which made tremendous progress over the last decade, is not example of “hiccups” sounding more or less like this planet ” space “, Gliese 581 g, which probably does not exist, or” the planets “land discovered by the Kepler satellite, which proved to use twice as massive qu’annoncées. In the case of planets Gliese 667C, caution should finally should prevail …
Gliese 667C is a red dwarf star belonging to a triple star system, located so, in the constellation of Scorpio. This red dwarf is three times less massive than the Sun and a hundred times less bright than he. According to the researchers, this star is accompanied by seven planets … This system is staying? The issue is taken so seriously by some researchers that the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligences) even pointed a radio teles cope at Hat Creek to catch the potential issuance of one (two, three?) Civilizations to possibly on ! one of these worlds, alas, in vain so far
Let, seriously in reality, these stars ‘habitable’ are only virtual points on curves n … They have not been directly observed or photographed by astronomers with their telescopes, their existence has only been shown via the gravitational perturbation they exert on their stars … From these sinusoids, astronomers have deduced periods, mass, diameter, density … only missing raccoons. In fact, in reality, extracted by the Harps spectrograph of the 3.6 m telescope at La Silla in diameter signal, Chile, is so tenuous and difficult to extract the electronic noise – that the researchers highlight via a statistical calculation. Result, they readily admit that at least one of the seven planets might not exist … The reality of other objects orbiting the star is more or less ques tionable, but in any case their characteristics could still change after new analyzes or observations.
But if these planets do exist , and if, as assumed by the researchers, they are “terrestrial” type they are habitable or inhabited ? Obviously, nobody knows anything, firstly because no one has ever observed the planets such as Gliese 667C: they have absolutely nothing earthly, their mass is understood, according to the calculations of researchers, between two and eight Earth masses! Are they rock, soft, are they covered with water? Impossible to answer this question, of course, because once again, the existence of these stars has been inferred that their gravitational influence on the star!
But, if these planets , appear such as astronomers think, then, are they living, anyway? Very clever that could answer this question, we do know that in the universe inhabited planet and nobody knows how life appeared … Compared to the Earth, the planets of Gliese 667C seem exotic … one example: these planets orbit so close to their stars that turn to it always the same face … In other words, one side of the planet “space” is the perpetual day and a temperature of several hundred degrees. On the other hand, perpetual night, and a temperature of -200 ° C … At the border of these two radically different hemispheres, a twilight zone, the terminator, where probably exchange their extreme temperatures as high winds . Briefly, worlds, or near or far, no mention of terrestrial conditions. Living? Really? Earth has received over four billion years of extraordinarily favorable conditions for seeing life evolve on its surface – a star in the steady radiance, a moon to stabilize its orbit – around Gliese 667C, nothing like: red dwarfs are subject to eruptions of incredible energy – it’s like suddenly the sun became ten times brighter and we bombed ultraviolet and X-ray … In short, anything that we know on Earth or even the system Solar is deployable in a system such as that of Gliese 667C … The planets of this system are invisible, their actual characteristics are unknown, no one knows if they are or not provided with an atmosphere … The exploration of other worlds of the universe, initiated in 1992 with the discovery of the first extrasolar planet Aleksander Wolszcszan and Dale Frail is extraordinarily interesting and rewarding in itself, why researchers feel compelled to punctuate each of their press release regarding the discovery of another world – 900 to the end of June 2013 – the word “space”

? Serge Brunier,

Windows 8.1: small changes to the expected improvements - Generation NT

Windows 8 operating system was launched last October to the general public and already Windows 8.1 is the tip of his nose. It will take getting used to, Microsoft is now focusing on a rapid development cycle.

Pending the availability of the final version, it is a pre-release of Windows 8.1 is now proposed. In short, a sort of beta for advanced users only. No major upheaval but Microsoft has made some changes including expected improvements and especially requested.

Windows-8.1-preview-start- screen

eg return Start button in the taskbar Bureau although its main function is to allow you to switch between the Office and the Home screen with its famous vignettes. But yes, it is also possible to boot directly into the Office after a connection, so without going through the Home screen.

became more customizable, the Home screen offers vignettes with more sizes available, you can create groups of thumbnails and easier access to screen all applications sliding down. Applications can be sorted as for example highlight the latest, while the specific Office applications can be placed first.

two applications simultaneously displayed on the screen, it is possible to change the size of each window so much freer with Windows 8. Especially, up to four applications can be open at the same time on the screen. Microsoft speaks multitasking .

windows-8.1-preview-multitasking Windows-8.1-preview-apps

In some cases, the anchor for an application starts automatically as when reading an email and click a link to open Internet Explorer 11.

During his presentation, Microsoft has placed particular emphasis on greater integration of SkyDrive to synchronize all the settings of Windows and applications manage local files . Enough to make a file explorer but in Modern UI. Similarly, Bing has been announced as part of Windows 8.1. Search icon bar Charms based on Bing and provides a unified search (computer applications, web).

Windows-8.1-preview-bing Windows-8.1-preview-SkyDrive

Windows 8.1 is associated with new applications (including Bing Apps) while many will be updated. Note also that the update of Windows Store applications will be revised automatically.

During the keynote, Microsoft has introduced a small range of improvements in Windows 8.1 and is already shown in the most upstream in a video (below). The software giant seems to have effectively as promised responded to user feedback. However, he continues to push Modern UI.

release of Windows 8.1 will begin after the summer holidays. For holders of Windows 8, the update is free.

TV Series: Internet users have adopted streaming, pirate or free - L'Express

“Honey, you look at what DPstream tonight?” Scene of daily life become commonplace in French households. Movies, TV shows are consumed on demand, free, streaming, and often illegally, by more and more users.

new Hadopi barometer of consumer uses of online culture, directed by Opinion Way shows that TV shows are consumed mainly streaming on the internet. 46% of respondents (4740 respondents about their use of music, movies, series, books and video games for a week) to watch, against 18% who report download. Reported to all Internet users aged 15 and older, the study indicates that 17% of French Internet users are online shoppers TV episodes streamed , and 6.7% for download.

On average, the individuals surveyed consumed over a week 2.8 series episodes streaming and 2.9 for download. An amount slightly greater than the number of movies watched series.

Series are freely consumed more than 75%

free uses are predominant series to watch via internet. The episodes are more than 75% streamed or downloaded for free. Streaming, it does not necessarily mean that it is piracy. In fact, there are all the catch-up TV services, for example, the content is legal and free. The study specifies that illegal represents only 37% of the consumption series streaming . But still: the first site used by the sample sets to watch streaming is DPstream before replay channels and YouTube. DPstream a pirate site. And everything is on YouTube does not come from “legal” sources.

download, at least the question is not allowed. 71% of downloads are illegal as the barometer of Hadopi. The most acclaimed of this site are Uptobox, and torrent411.

most streamed series are Plus belle la vie before NCIS, Person of Interest, Dexter and CSI. Series that pass among other replay. For the most downloaded series, are The Walking Dead , to Dexter, NCIS, Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, and CSI. Not surprisingly, more series that go on pay TV.

download from foreign series is greater than 87%, against 72% in streaming


The challenge of legal offers

latest barometer once again emphasizes the importance of building an affordable and full legal offers easy access to the series. Canal + has recently announced the creation of a new channel, Canal + TV, which will be included in her bouquet at 39.90 euros per month. Too expensive to switch to the illicit use lawful. However, the initiative Dailymotion, which has signed agreements to exclusively broadcast the new series in France ( The Booth at the End Him & Her , Threesome) is totally in the current evolution of uses. Between premium and free ad-supported, lack a subscription offer around 10 euros per month as Netflix, which according to some analyzes has reduced piracy series as Arrested devleopment.

One thing eludes me in this article: What Dpstream would be illegal? Series and movies available on the site can be viewed only with a subscription to the hosting site (mixture, PureVID …).

Space: three habitable planets discovered around a star - Metronews

sister planets not very far from Earth. Finally still at 22 light years, or about 220 000 billion kilometers. These super-Earths were discovered by a team of astronomers by combining existing data with new observations, said yesterday the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in a statement.

They revolve around the star Gliese 667C, a “mass equivalent to a third of the mass of the Sun”, which belongs to tristellaire system Gliese 667, itself built in the constellation Scorpio. Already, “previous studies have shown that Gliese 667C star housed three planets, one of which was located in the habitable zone,” said ESO.

team of astronomers led by Guillem Anglada-Escudé from the University of Göttingen in Germany and Mikko Tuomi at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, have, meanwhile, been able to prove the existence of seven any planets around Gliese 667C, the lowest of tristellaire star system.

in the habitable zone of the star

Three of these planets were found to be super-Earths – more massive than Earth but less massive than giant planets like Uranus and Neptune. They occupy the habitable zone of Gliese 667C, a thin band around the star and in which water may be present in liquid form if conditions are right. This is the first time that three planets of this type have been identified in this area of ??the same system.

“We knew from previous studies that the star was surrounded by three planets, so we wanted to check the possible existence of other planets, says Mikko Tuomi. Adding new observations and revisiting existing data, we were able to confirm the existence of these three bodies and discover new ones. ”

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three habitable planets detected close to home -

astronomical scale, it is almost next door. Researchers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have identified a system located 22 light years from our own, including three “super-Earths” orbiting in the habitable zone of their star. Translation: these three planets are closer to the Earth mass (between 2.7 to 3.8 times) and they are in the right temperature range to host liquid water


current instruments, astronomers unfortunately not have the means to determine their exact composition and are reduced to speculation. According to them, these three neighbors are “probably rock” but they do not know if they have a atmosphere. To do this, it will take direct observations via James Webb Space Telescope, which will, hopefully, launched in 2018.

A little star

So far, only one habitable planet was detected around Gliese 667. It is a red dwarf, a least three less bulky than our Sun, which emits a tiny fraction of its energy star. This means that the habitable zone of the system is much closer to the star: the three planets go around in less than two months, and due to a particular configuration, one side is always light and other still in the dark.

This is not the first time that astronomers discover a habitable planet around such a star. But with three of a sudden, they feel that there is probably more habitable planets than stars in our galaxy.

Still far

A 22 light years away, Gliese 667 is one of the closest to ours that could be conducive to life systems. If Proxima Centauri is only 4 light-years from Earth, the planet detected earlier this year has hellish conditions. It is possible that astronomers find her sisters.

Whether 4 or 22 light years away, send probes tracking however, is not the order of the day: With current technology, it would take more than 20,000 years to reach its destination. The next frontier is still distant.

* Philippe Berry

Amazon launches AutoRip in France for a purchased copy CD ... -

:-new post-thumbnail wp-image-” alt = “AutoRip Amazon MP3 digital music CD” itemprop = “image” property = “og

Amazon consolidates its position as an outsider to the music online AutoRip launching its service internationally. Thanks to him and Amazon Cloud Player, consumers may obtain a copy of any MP3 CD purchased from the online store.

service launch AutoRip in France, each music track on optical media purchased in the Amazon is entitled to a copy of the MP3 format available to consumers.

service already exists since the beginning of the year in the United States and just beginning his conquest of France.

While optical media the music industry fade gradually in favor of digital media, it is important for Amazon to make the transition and gradually emerge as a direct competitor to existing services such that iTunes of Apple .

From the point of view of consumers, this system eliminates the need to manually extract audio CD tracks and put them online.

MP3 files are stored in a dedicated rack of Amazon Cloud Player and services are available without DRM from any terminal connected.

They can be streamed online or offline if they are downloaded.

For the moment, only the muffled music titles AutoRip tag on Amazon’s store provide access to a digital copy after purchase.


Amazon offers the possibility of obtaining retroactive any MP3 copy of a security purchased before the onset of AutoRip or had not yet been admitted to the library service at the time of purchase.

arrival in France AutoRip gives a foretaste of what could make another great similar service (with DRM this time) that offer major Hollywood in France next September:. UltraViolet

amazon - Service AutoRip

AutoRip The tag is visible on the image of music titles affected by the service or the product description.

– Quiz –

Are you unbeatable on Amazon


Credit: hobbit –

Oracle and Microsoft together to dominate the market ... - Generation NT

Microsoft and Oracle have announced their wish to put differences aside and develop a strategic partnership for the development of the Enterprise Cloud.

Oracle logo an agreement that would allow both companies to move more effectively on private cloud and public cloud and offering a range of services to its customers.

Oracle and should offer assistance to customers already working with its software on Windows servers and encourage them to switch to the same software on Windows Hyper-V Server or Windows Azure. Incidentally, users benefit from free porting their licenses Oracle products on Windows Azure and a new mobile license.

windows-azure Compatibility with Hyper- V and Azure is already available to customers, but the partnership does not stop there because the two companies have announced to wish all the Oracle services 100% compatible with Windows Azure, including Java support.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will add new server side infrastructure and install preconfigured versions of Oracle Database and Oracle Weblogic servers for customers who do not have Oracle licenses.

With the development of various cloud services market, the two companies have probably ended up allying prefer to continue to dominate the market to continue to rip the benefit of emerging companies. For its part, Oracle has announced, however, wish to develop further partnerships with Salesforce and Netsuite.

Monday, June 24, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 2 is available also for iPad - Clubic

Apple has posted the second Monday evening of the future iOS beta 7. The software is now available for iPad tablets, while beta 1 was limited to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple continues its work on the future iOS 7, presented in early June at WWDC. The result is a beta 2, posted Monday around 19 pm (Paris), accessible via the direct download site dedicated to developers or update over the air for devices that are already equipped with the 1 beta. On an iPhone 5, the download is 237 MB

Pending review of changes made in this beta 2 (referred to as build 11A4400f), followers developers the iPad will appreciate being able to install it on their touch pads, since beta 1 was limited to the iPhone (4, 4S and 5) and fifth-generation iPod Touch. The images required to install on iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini are indeed now available for download.

This beta 2 is accompanied by a new Xcode Developer Preview 5 and a new beta firmware dedicated to the Apple TV, designed especially to facilitate the application iOS

The installation of the software test leveraging the AirPlay function. officially reserved for registered users with the Apple developer program.

  • see our overview in pictures of the new iOS beta 1 7

ios 7 Beta 2

France: 80% of registered users on a social network - Generation NT

after the annual Barometer Mediamétrie social networks, 80% of French Internet users are enrolled in a social network. A statistic derived from a survey of a sample of more than 3,000 Internet users aged 13 and over. There is therefore an extrapolation besides the fact that registration does not necessarily mean use.

Mediametrie-logo This represents 32 million people with an increase of two million in the space of a year. A priori, so there is no phenomenon of fatigue with social networks as well as about 2 to 3 visit them every day or so.

Facebook is the first of them and do not seem to suffer from a shift. Overseas, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg less attracted teenagers than in the past. A trend, however, the accuracy of which is contested.

According to figures from the Médiamétrie study obtained by Le Figaro, the French 31.1 million Internet users visit Facebook every month and spend an average of 5:02. The Twitter network is second with 6.3 million and 31 minutes per month.

With 5.3 million users, Google+ rises to Twitter (4.5 million) but only an average of 5 minutes per month.

Google supports researchers to buy a pipe - Le Figaro

The Internet giant has strengthened its partnership with the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) and fund a dozen researchers. But the company is at stake in Europe for its practices in the protection of personal data.

Google has released the big game On Monday, Vinton Cerf, vice president of Google known to be one of the fathers of the Internet, came in person to meet Cosnard Michel, CEO of the National Research Institute in Computer Science (INRIA), to strengthen their partnership. Google and Inria cooperate for four years.

Through this cooperation, “the work of a dozen researchers can be funded,” said Michel Benard, head of Google’s relations with universities in Europe. This partnership is funded by Google through direct donations or funding for their doctoral students. The originality of the cooperation is to “promote basic research complex, for the long term with a high risk taking. We encourage the publication of scientific results and the availability of open source software mode (free to copy and law), “said Michel Benard. Everyone wins. Francis Bach, researcher Sierra common project with CNRS and INRIA, dedicated to handle large databases, with specific alliance with Google, it can access databases of phenomenal size and that ‘Conversely, access Google “to search results before the publication of scientific work, because the academic time and the time of the industry are different.”

a little smiling face of Google. That of a group that promotes the development of knowledge and information sharing. “Of course at Stanford University are now followed by 160,000 people worldwide, against 500 before,” said Vinton Cerf, also chief evangelist of the Internet to Google. But on the dark side of the group, respect for the privacy of Internet users, Google has remained very discreet. “Google has launched a tender INRIA replied. The results are not yet known, “says Michel Benard, who does not comment formally notified Google in Europe. However, the information entrusted by users, service users of the Internet giant, pose challenges to the group of Cnils in Europe, since the entry into force of a new privacy policy on March 1, 2012. Spain is considering financial penalties. France and Google still has to respond within three months.

Google wants to communicate “Prism”

also about spying on users of Internet services program at the request of the U.S. government, through the “Prism” program of the National Security Agency, Vinton Cerf, recalls the statements of the U.S. group. “We are cooperating with the U.S. government and with other countries on issues of national security. We have asked the government of the United States authorized to disclose the nature of the information we have requested. The current number of applications is relatively small. The information we collect to provide targeted ads are collected for our use only. We do not share with anyone, except in legal claims. But respond to a government that believes that his job is to protect citizens? For my part, I would be protected. “

Social Networks: 20 million French Internet users connected ... - ZDNet

figures: In a year, social networks have attracted two million users in addition, French also enrolled for an average of two networks, the first of which is often Facebook. And among the nearly 32 million subscribers, 63% log in daily or almost.

According to the 2013 edition of the barometer of social networks Médiamétrie, 79% of French Internet users (13 and over) are now listed on a social network. France and the count almost 32 million subscribers – but not necessarily users – on these online services. In 2010, there were 20.3 million.

Within a year, these platforms have attracted two million more people. Another growing trend: the development of multi-enrolled. Thus, on average, users are registered on both networks. To each their purpose.

The first multi-enrolled men aged 25-49

these multi-registrants tend to be men aged 25-49 and rather CSP +. That should make the heart glad to rival Facebook, which may well be so, despite a crushing domination.

Indeed, and unsurprisingly, it is Facebook that attracts the largest number of French Internet users with 31.1 million unique visitors in April (BBC). But take care, reputation and popularity does not necessarily go together


So despite unaided evaluated by Médiamétrie 70% in France Twitter had 4.5 million unique visitors (April), barely more than LinkedIn (4.4 million), whose reputation is however much less (16%).

French Internet therefore adhere to social networks. And this is seen especially in their access frequency: 63% and log in daily or almost. An attendance practice first at home.

Connections most common from a computer

But the French do not they would also be a bit hypocritical? 59% of registered voters say and never connect to these sites from their work. According to various studies, they would be between 50 and 70% of employees to connect during office hours. The secretive.

Another observation concerning the uses, the tablet, in proportion, is more often used as mobile phones (including the equipment rate is much higher) to connect to social networks. 75% have access to these services via a tablet, against 57% on mobile phone – it is not necessarily a true smartphone



develop mobile usage is on the computer (fixed and portable) that access to social networks are the most common. Mobile PC, 51% of respondents access daily or almost. On desktop computers, it is 41%.

French Internet so like a priori social networks. And yet, paradoxically, it is also with regard to these services they express the greatest confidence in the protection of personal data. Probably because they are at the same time 85% to finally ignore what the social networks such information. (Image Credit: Médiamétrie)

Update Vine for Android - ZDNet

Technology: The Vine Android application receives several functions already present in the iOS version as sharing via Facebook, hashtags and mentions


Less than a month after its release, Vine profit for Android update that adds a number of new features that put virtually level iOS. Sharing video clips of six seconds is now possible on Facebook via Facebook. Another new arrival hashtags and system requirements for the posts and the ability to search.

But still no access to the front camera of the smartphone in order to shoot video in the first person. This update falls just after Instagram video ad that will compete directly with Vine. And success is waiting for you since the space of 24 hours, 5 million video clips were shared. (Eureka Press)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Super Luigi U video: differences with New Super Mario ... - Generation NT

Announced last month, New Super Luigi U is as a kind of stand-alone expansion for New Super Marios Bros. U.

Indeed, the title takes the game content platform flagship Wii U, allowing only play with Luigi, the famous bumbling and cowardly brother Mario.

New Super Luigi G - 9 In order to understand the interest of the title, Nintendo has released a new video that talks about the differences. As in the past, Luigi jumps higher than his brother, but also slips significantly, adding some difficulty in terms of accuracy. To complicate matters, each level must be completed in less than 100 seconds.

parallel all 80 levels of the game took advantage of Changes in design and architecture. Finally, multiplayer, it will be possible to control Carottin which has the distinction of being invulnerable and therefore ideal for large novices. This character appears exclusive to the box version of the game

New Super Luigi U will be offered in the form of DLC from the June 20, 2013 and 19.99 euros on the eShop service the Wii U. The box version will arrive on it July 26 and costs 29.99 euros .

Earthquakes to births: small round beliefs attached ... -

Tonight, the full moon will be more impressive and brighter than usual. This is the super moon. This occurs when two conditions are met: the moon is full and is at its closest point to Earth. Indeed, the focus of our single satellite is elliptical, so it has a perigee (nearest point to Earth, 356,410 km) and apogee (farthest point, 406,740 km).

The Moon will be tonight at 357,000 km from Earth and can appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual … if the sky is clear and the limited light pollution. This will be the largest full moon of the year, with the May 25, where it was already close to the Earth.

However, no particular risk of catastrophe. In 2011, there were earthquakes in Japan related to the proximity of a super moon. However, researchers ensure that the reduction of the distance between the Earth and the Moon (of about 35,000 kilometers from the mean) is not sufficient to cause changes and gravitational influence tectonic forces, said Maxisciences. “Many studies have been done on this kind of subject by USGS scientists and others. They found nothing significant” , said John Bellini, a geophysicist at the Institute U.S. Geological Survey.


tides are affected by this event: they should be slightly larger than usual


machine should not whiten more than usual. If according to a popular belief, the light of the moon is the cause of the bleaching, the researchers found that the pigments are mainly altered by ultraviolet rays. However, the amount of UV emitted from the Moon is very low: about 500,000 times smaller than the direct sunlight


Other beliefs are associated with this planet: we give birth soon, our hair would grow faster and mental disorders are particularly vivid when it rises in the sky. A 1987 study in the United States has even shown that 80% of nurses and 64% of physicians in emergency departments believe in the influence of the moon. In another, published in 1995, 81% of professionals linked to psychiatric sector believe its effects (against 43% of the total population).

To have the heart net, of Toulouse researchers in 1992 analyzed 2,478 entries in a psychiatric emergency service without increasing discover the full moon days. More recently, Geneviève Belleville, psychology researcher at Laval University, and his team for 3 years (2005-2008), recognized by emergency patients came to the Hotel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital and Sacred Heart of Montreal. Again, the researchers found that emergency room visits are more common during a full moon (or during the three days preceding or following) at other times.

Two Los Angeles researchers also analyzed 11,000 births between 1974 and 1978. The verdict? The frequency of births is not linked to the phases of the moon.

Intestinal worms are also often attached to a lunar influence. This is due to the time (about 28 days) of the full cycle of the parasite digestive pinworm. Eggs ingested through contaminated food hatch in the stomach and the larvae migrate to the intestines to give adults. Two to four weeks later, females begin to make eggs that are then found in the stool. This parasitic thrust is not necessarily linked to the cycle of the moon.

If in doubt, you can still prepare suppositories in addition to your telescope for the event tonight. The next super moon will take place in August 2014.

Climate: aerosols Man reduce storm ... -

producing aerosols, small airborne particles that can affect cloud formation, human activities have significantly reduced the frequency of tropical storms in the North Atlantic during the twentieth century, according to a study published Sunday.

action of aerosols due to human activities is one of the most uncertain factors in climate change. These chemical particles (ozone, sulfur, etc.). Suspended in the air can affect the solar radiation that reach the surface of the Earth (“umbrella effect”). But, as they serve as “seeds” to dripping up the clouds, they could change their life and, locally, the amount of rain they produce.

The temperature of the sea surface affected is

Some assumptions and suggest that the increase in the aerosol concentration recorded during the second half of the twentieth century has increased the Sahel drought and weakened the monsoon cycle in the Indian subcontinent.

According to analysis by Nick Dunstone, UK Met Office, and his team, aerosols affect in any case the temperature of the sea surface in the North Atlantic. In turn, they are able to change the rate at which tropical storms occur in this area, says the study published in the British journal Nature Geoscience .

Less aerosol concentration, more storms

To demonstrate this, the researchers used widely used climate models to simulate past and future climate change. By varying different criteria, they conclude that the tropical storms in the North Atlantic were less frequent during periods when the aerosol concentrations were elevated above this region.

according to their calculations, the aerosols produced by human activities are the main cause of this phenomenon. For proof, when their concentration began to decline after 1990, tropical storms have been renewed intensity, the study said.

aerosols affect cloud formation

explanation by influencing the formation of clouds over the North Atlantic and thus lowering the surface temperature of the sea, they alter the tropical atmospheric circulation


For the authors, it is necessary to enhance our understanding of aerosols, especially those emitted by anthropogenic activities to better take into account their impact on climate change and improve international predictions on global change.


Instagram goes to the video - France Info

The video requires strength on social networks. Facebook unveiled yesterday a video version of the popular Instagram application.

Instagram video


as 130 million users worldwide you like Instagram, the application that allows you to quickly send by mobile phone photos with artistic effects, then you’ll love the new version of Instagram for sending Now mini-videos

Facebook – Instagram owner since it was bought last year for a billion dollars -. unveiled Thursday evening in California this new application

direct competitor Vine

Instagram video is competing directly launched some time ago by Twitter, biggest competitor Facebook Vine application. However, some differences: while videos Vine voluntarily limited to six seconds, Instagram allows up to 15 seconds, which changes everything according to its founder. There is also what makes the specificity Instagram namely artistic filters that give unusual aspects to images. However, unlike Vine, the Intagram videos will not be visible directly in Twitter since it will click on a link. Instagram, meanwhile, is increasingly integrated with Facebook.

Dores and already available on iPhone and Android, the new version of Instagram looks even more fun, totally futile and therefore perfectly essential for hyper-connected, probably short a promising future.

war between Facebook ads and Twitter

With this application, Facebook hopes to boost interest in its platform. The Silicon Valley giant begins to show a slight decline in public, especially by younger people. It must continue to innovate to maintain its leadership.

his Twitter side is not far behind. He even grilled politeness Facebook unveiling 24 hours earlier some improvements on Vine. For example: no display in frames from the videos now appear in full screen on smartphones and tablets, users can create multiple videos together and make mini-montages


short, the war of social networks now goes through the video. Nothing in the United States, more than 60 million people watched at least one video on their mobile last year.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Three minutes on Mars [Video] -

If the major scientific discoveries of Curiosity rover on Mars are expected, tourist work has already proved remarkable. With cameras which it is equipped, the robot provides images of extraordinary quality. Of course, each photo represents only a small part of the desert scenery that surrounds it. NASA then can pan reminiscent of those amateur photographers back from vacation. Proportionally as the last photo of this type of nearly 900 views. The final image is 1.3 billion pixels …

This size means a definition that allows a real ride video across the landscape, it is undeniably far, no disorients us that much. This region of Mars is simply a stone desert. Image quality that makes us more familiar setting. It feels to touch the stones whose appearance is not very different from our rocks us. Basically, the scale of the universe, Mars is a voisinne bearing Earth.

So come in and take a look for 3 minutes:

Three minutes from March videoscopy Production on Vimeo.


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