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Guided tours by new technologies – The Informer, The Scout

 The visit & # XE9; stumbles at the statue of Peter Lefort situ & # XE9 e pr & # XE8; s of & # x2019; tourist office.
The tour begins at the statue of Peter Lefort, located near the tourist office.

There are many ways to discover Mers-les-Bains … Alone or with family, free visit or tour … I tested an original proposal of the Tourist Office in the city. The guide “Zevisit” to discover the resort from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Simply log on to the website of the Tourist Office.
The visit is possible every day, for free, at your own pace. If you prefer the stationary journey, you do not even have to come in the seaside city. But it is especially a great opportunity to take care during the holidays of February. Comments are available in French, English and Dutch. They are decorated with testimony from residents of the city.

Stone Lefort church

Of course, you can not choose the weather … and it’s in the rain equipped with a mobile phone and headphones, I begin the visit. Operation is simple, just start playing or stop at will. Each station is the subject of a separate file … no need to run.
The tour begins at the statue of Peter Lefort. Located near the tourist office, this monument pays tribute to the naval surgeon, born in Mers-les-Bains. The history of the “Prairie” and the feast of bathers are also discussed.
Then you have to cross the square to go up to the church, “in the oldest part of the city,” say the guides. What delve into the history of Mers-les-Bains … although the current church building began in 1928.

The seaside neighborhood

After explanations the cliff, the tour offers a passage on the boom. On Friday, there are not many people on the esplanade … and the boom is not accessible due to high tides
Then comes the most awaited moment despite the rain. The visit the rue Jules Barni, shops and especially that of the conservation area. However, a word of advice, do not hesitate to well locate on a map street names before starting to better enjoy the ride. I find particularly street Sadie Carnot, his former Astoria and mosaic or RIP villas Francillon and Aiglon on the esplanade.

This is an invitation to get lost in the streets and to look up to admire the different styles, simple or extravagant of these villas. And if you are not satisfied, know that tourist office offers regular tours of the seaside district. Just learn …

  • To access the files, you have to visit the website of the Tourist Office of Mers-les-Bains: www.mers them In the “open house: discover the heritage” tab, all instructions will be given You can also access this service on the website of the City of Mers-les-Bains or directly that of Zevisit. . com.

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Thanks to new technologies, 24 elderly maintained … – France Bleu

The Pocreau Paulette, 78, is one of 24 elderly test Dom Assist in Gironde © Radio France

“I admit it’s pleasant enough, these new technologies”
The FB story Gironde Ezequiel Fernandez


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Axa up big in startups dedicated to new technologies – the

With the publication of its annual results, Axa announced Wednesday, February 25 the creation of a fund for startups: Axa Strategic Ventures. This venture capital fund will have 200 million.

It will be used for “promote innovation in the fields of insurance, savings, banking and asset management “ says Axa France.

new disruptive technologies and approaches

This new fund will help the development of new technologies and disruptive approaches “worn by young innovative companies that have the potential to improve the customer experience in AXA’s business.”

Now, both AXA invest in startups in phase boot than in more mature companies.

An accelerator of “assurtech and” FinTech “

In addition, in the new fund will be integrated seed money” AXA Seed Factory “created in 2013 and has 10 million at the time.

Renamed” AXA Factory “, it becomes an accelerator dedicated to supporting innovative startups with great potential in the areas of assurtech and FinTech. (financial technology).


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Fargo strengthens its pole technology – DNA

Stéphane Bellec will be responsible for defining the editorial strategy and communication of IT customers of the agency and will aim to develop the department currently has some references as Akeneo, Feel & amp; Click, Fotolia, Linedata, Wizville, Ysance, etc.


Young and new technologies: Generation Z, 4th meeting … – El Mujahid

  With the advent of Internet and new technologies, a mutant human generation has emerged. Aged 13 to 20 years, young people from around the world have completely merged with the digital world. Far from the traditional codes of their elders, those 2 billion people born after 1995 are revolutionizing the “world of yesterday”. 4th Meeting of the type …

 Pragmatic pressed, independent and stubborn, Generation Z (or cybergénération) appropriated new technologies and especially the World Wide Web. His motto, “everything, everywhere and immediately.” He just a click to get a free movie, a song or software. Champion multitasking, this generation surfs several screens at once and has reference to social networks, and free tutorials. The real world is only slowly for her, adult codes are exceeded. Most of his life flashes on the screens connected to the planet …
 Over 80% of Internet users are young people enrolled on a social network. “In their world, everything is done online. Accustomed to tutorials on YouTube, self-taught for all that is high-tech, since their parents are overwhelmed, they integrated the permanent self-learning “, especially as they have already seen the disappearance of several technologies. On the internet, they have seen it all, violence to explicit content. “They spend more than 3 hours per day in front of their screen. They suffer from “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out), fear of missing something, and hate the idea of ​​not being connected. Rather than simply consuming series and films, they want to participate, create their YouTube channel or vlog (video blog). They do not read, they scan, and “meeting points” are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. They consider that the organization of work must be horizontal rather than hierarchical, and three-quarters would make their hobby their work.
 Generation Z, who grew up with video games and mobile phones, won brain skills in terms of speed and automation, sometimes to the detriment of reasoning and self-control. A study advocates learning adapted to these changes. “The brain is the same, but it is the used circuits that change. Faced with screens, and suddenly in life, the digital natives have some sort of brain TGV, which runs from the eye to the thumb on the screen. They use a particular area of ​​the brain, the prefrontal cortex, to improve the speed of decision, linked with emotions. But this comes at the expense of another function of this zone, slower to step back, a personal synthesis and cognitive resistance. There are actually three systems in the human brain. One is fast, automatic and intuitive, highly sought by today’s screens. A second is slower, logical and thoughtful. A third, in the prefrontal cortex, provides for mediation between the first two systems: the heart of intelligence. It inhibits automation of thought when we must appeal to logic or morality. This is the cognitive resistance. Inhibit is to resist. The digital natives must learn to resist to think well. “
 It is a remarkable process of adaptation, step back allowing to resist her impulsive responses. Brain resists itself. But the maturation of this process is slow during the development of the child and adolescent. That is why we must educate and train intensively even at school! This is called “learning to resist,” a pedagogy of cognitive control. We have demonstrated in the laboratory, but there is still imagine all its applications in school. This is useful for reasoning, categorization, but also reading, math, etc. This brain mechanism allows, for example, to avoid absurd decisions, sometimes collective in business. It also allows to resist, in our democracies, mistaken beliefs: the myths of such conspiracy or entrenched stereotypes. And cognitive resistance is also a factor for tolerance.
 It allows interpersonal intelligence, that is, the ability to silence his own point of view to encourage that of others. When the attacks in January 2015 in Paris led to speak of “de-radicalization” is this cognitive resistance it is. Educate the brain is to teach him to resist its own unreason. “A real challenge for cognitive science and society today. “
 We’re already seeing this gigantic leap into the unknown digital concoct our children we expertly glued to their screens.
K. M.


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New technologies: Samsung unveils its “Smarter Living” vision – El Watan

 Confirming its leadership in the regional TV market, Samsung highlights the entertainment experience with its 88-inch TV SUHD and new audio solutions for sound kind experience.

 Samsung will also introduce the ingenious appliances inspired by professional chefs to provide a better experience in the kitchen, as well as top quality appliances for exceptional performance cooling, heating, comfort and hygiene. He continues to prove itself in the market for cameras with the new NX500, inspired by the performance and features of the award-winning series of Samsung NX1.

 In addition, Samsung also introduced the new range of smartphones Galaxy Series A seductive for capturing and sharing your digital experiences. “Samsung’s main objective is to offer extraordinary experiences and we do, because we focus on customer needs,” said Choong Ro Lee, president of Samsung Middle East and North Africa.

 “The importance of this region has been increasing over the years, receiving with open arms the new technologies. The MENA region has long supported Samsung and we continue our commitment to deliver innovations that will bring new experiences and dedication to a better life. “Its range Galaxy A is part of this new strategy.

 Three products with three different screen sizes and three positions price. This range, plus the Galaxy S6 (to unveil, Samsung will hold a conference in Barcelona one day before the start of the Worldwide Mobile Congress in Barcelona held from March 2 to 5) and the next Galaxy Note should be sufficient to Samsung to attract users 2015.

 To strengthen its role in the region, Samsung has also made significant efforts to improve the IT experience and support the education of children and youth with Samsung Smart School initiative. Samsung has also worked with NGOs, ministries of education and universities to create applications or entire solutions that will provide a better learning experience. In this context, remember that the digital classroom driver “Samsung Smart School”, the first of its kind in North Africa, was launched at the National Mathematics High School in Kouba (Algiers).

 This operation aims, among others, to allow students a better ICT skills, like the other students in developed countries. Its initiatives in digital healthcare and “Smart Home” propel him to the rank of leader in the Internet of Things.


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Air Charter Service is investing € 14 million in new technology –

i -tourism: What are the new features of websites ACS ?

Benjamin Sinclair: “Our 18 sites will now be available in the language of the country of origin.

But we especially suitable interfaces and organization of information based on the needs expressed by the different customs and cultures of our clients.

For example, in Dubai, we attach great importance to the size of the device, year of manufacture, or if you can stand inside.

These are concerns quite different from those that may have the French. “

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i-tourism: So you’re talking about an offer bespoke …

BS: “The aim is to save time for both the customer and our teams. In this context, Quality geolocation of our devices was an essential step.

Before the client connected to the mobile site or the web site, filling out a form on the internet would send. This form was read by our teams, which then reminded the client. A long and tedious process.

That’s why we have developed a new booking platform. It immediately detects the position of the aircraft through tags geotagging systems in real time.

mobile site, such as the application generates a price, and sends the information directly without going through complicated administrative procedures.

This allows greater responsiveness to qualify the request. “

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i-Tourism: The new service there is a demand from your customers?

BS: “It is more problems than we observed.

It is not uncommon for a customer finds himself stuck in an airport because of a strike or a problem with the weather.

Offer a quick and effective solution will be greatly simplified with this feature.

It is important that everyone can access this information: those who download the application are those who charter aircraft.

When people are stuck in the airport, they consult the mobile site. This is why the results of the mobile site now look like those on the mobile application.

One can easily imagine a client application in the future should take a business aircraft could not be cheaper than taking a flight with three stops … “


Customization of new technologies: the future of … – Les Echos

Once this is achieved, companies can increase productivity and enhance collaboration.

In the space of a generation, we have witnessed a revolution in the field of new technologies. We are well past mainframe to client-server environments have seen progress mobility thanks to laptops and have witnessed what likely will go down as the most significant advance in recent history: the launch of the iPhone in 2007. One thing is certain: a lot has changed.

It would of course be naive of us to think that this accelerated transformation of our everyday professional life has now ended. Many other changes are coming.

Apple offered us, as consumers, the opportunity to take advanced technology and use it to make our life more enjoyable. Since then, more and more services and applications have evolved and created a strong emotional connection with users. Now that could honestly say to do without her cheerfully iPhone (or the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or other art)? No one, of course.

These devices have set a new standard for future technology trends. The power of the computer is huge, even for the simplest tasks. There are twenty, getting rid of mosquitoes with a rolled up newspaper: now there is an app for that. In short, so we live in a radically different world.

Video conferencing, managing bank accounts, reading books, games, chat with friends, listen to music … the list of our new capacity is long. How not to build an emotional connection with such a device?

At what impact should we expect in the workplace? The consumerization of IT has had an impact. Paul Maritz, Chief Strategy Officer at EMC and former CEO of VMware, also argues that the public quality is set to become the new reference.

And I could not be more in agreement. Now, the importance of having information at your fingertips is so great that what previously corresponded to the professional level technology is now simply called new technologies. That the public has the hands today is that it will use in the workplace: the attachment exists, and these devices are more than enough in the context of their missions.

The power for the people

The influence of new technologies for the home on the characteristics of those Workplace caused the emergence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). If this has sometimes been observed due to inadequate (or non-existence) of technological devices provided by the company, it is often the result of the refusal by an employee to break the link with its personal device.

Whatever the motivation leading to BYOD, the result is that decisions about the equipment used in business are usually taken by the company itself.

This is further evidence that the public has an influence ever view of the IT business. Be it iPhone or Android, the use of a mobile device changes the dynamic communication, collaboration and data use.

Security is Queen

CIOs are concerned about data security. Nothing is possible as long as it is not guaranteed. Issues related to the simultaneous management of data security and accessibility are obviously complex.

However, a strategy focused on containerization, and delivering software development kits (SDK) to meet safety requirements as well as the simple encapsulation applications can achieve this goal.

Companies can then progress to the next step: using secure mobility to perform their transformation.

Stir employees of a company computer model

Employees have the devices of their choice, and within two years, 80% of the population in Europe and the United States will have a smart phone. Now, companies IT departments as they have the means to secure their mobility.

We arrived at the interesting step for companies: the one where they can be free and create an IT environment leveraging the consumer affection for their device. They have the opportunity to achieve levels of productivity, efficiency and unprecedented collaboration.

The first objective is to combine devices and preferences of consumers / employees with the applications necessary for their business. Professional software was originally designed for use on a desk with a keyboard and mouse. Mobility removes these elements of the equation and poses a different problem. According to a report from Infonetics Research on mobile security, nearly one million Android application will integrate the business world this year.

So, to satisfy employees more willing to use their smartphones and tablets, and accustomed to a large number of specific applications in their personal lives, companies only only solution available: provide applications!

This may be to develop custom applications for specific business processes to use secure applications commercially available, or to set up their own market place of application. The latter option enables IT to control their information systems to a level unattainable in a classic scenario BYOD (and thus more open).

IT departments can not control personal devices of their employees, and in most cases, can not control the incoming data (especially their destination after passing on these devices).

The solution is not to control everything. Rather, it is to create an IT environment that is consistent with what the user needs while meeting business objectives.

Take the example of Facebook as an application popular with users. What are the reasons for this success? The first reason is obviously the fact that their friends use this application. Why? Because they can communicate with each other via instant messaging or using a conventional mailbox. They can also share their photos and movies, links to articles they like, and anything else considered interesting.

Let us carry these items in the workplace. What tools like Salesforce Chatter, or Microsoft Sharepoint are they so different from what Facebook offers to individuals? If you make them accessible on mobile devices of employees and if you make sure they are appropriate to the platform, there is a good chance that they are used by employees.

The good news is that once this type of secure tools using a container, they can be monitored and managed. IT teams can analyze their usage while simultaneously controlling the available data and their destinations. As stated above, it is impossible to control what an employee … or indirectly.

If you can set up a controlled environment in which your employees work calmly, you will then arrived in the promised land of IT.

Simplify business transformation?

There is no easy way to transform fundamentally operation of a business. It’s never simple. However, knowing which direction to take and the route to get there is certainly useful.

Mobility has changed the behavior of employees, but very few companies have actually built this development in a real mobility strategy and, above all, in order to a competitive advantage. Cease to require employees to put aside their strong relationship with their smartphone and rather put this link in favor of the company.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

New technologies: Yekolab launched the project officially … – Agency Central African Information

Many young Congolese free participate in this training initiated by a young Congolese, Max Bambhel, through its Yekolab project, divided into four parts with three essential components. The first component with respect to training, is to train every six months, about 50 young experts, certified development of technological applications. This will teach youth motivated and committed to innovate in new technologies from web software, mobile software, enterprise software and embedded software.

The incubator component, the second in the series covers the placing at the disposal of technopreneurs (project developers), an appropriate framework to help them turn their ideas into real companies, reliable and bankable. Regarding the laboratory component, it is dedicated to research and technological development to achieve innovative projects, to encourage creativity and support permanently increasing the skills of the developers of web and mobile applications. It will also ensure technical expertise to young entrepreneurs, holders of projects in incubation. The overall objective is to promote excellence in emerging business through the creation of innovative companies and products in the area of ​​mobile telephony and the Internet.

The Minister of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Bruno Jean Richard Itoua, who took part in the ceremony, said he was delighted by the initiative and pledged to support Yekolab the project. “ It’s a feeling of joy to see that the overall innovation and creativity are beginning to materialize, not only by the speech of the Minister nor the government, but by private initiatives taken by motivated young Congolese, who have accumulated international expertise in the field . I believe that creativity, drawing on the genius of Congolese youth, is undoubtedly the best partner to development “ he concluded.


New technologies and work efficiency in figures – IT

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The technology and work efficiency in figures Computer
85% of European companies consider the new technologies offer a competitive advantage. Yet half of them claim that fear of failure prevents them from implementing them. 63% of companies cite a


Senegal: “Girls Coding Camp” to train women in … –

S & # XE9; n & # XE9; gal: The & # Xab; Girls Coding Camp & # Xbb; to introduce women to new technologies
Senegal:” Girls Coding Camp “to introduce women to new technologies

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“Jiguene” means woman in Wolof. Women in Senegal under-represented in the field of ICT in a country where Internet sector represents more than 3% of GDP, according to McKinsey. This is the highest rate in Africa. The four founders of Jjiguene Tech hub want to allow more women to have a place in this still very male sector. These passionate computer have organized the “Coding Girls Camp” in Louga in north-western Senegal from 20 to 22 February. The initiative allows the formation of 50 high school girls to web based technical as well as entrepreneurship and leadership. At the end, they will create the website of their school using HTML5 and CSS3. Other courses of this type are planned in Thies, Mbour and Rufisque.

A huge untapped potential but women

“All positions of responsibility in the ICT sector are occupied by men. Access to computer tool is most favored in men than in women. ” Ms. Regina Mbodj, ICT Growth Director Dakar (ICTC) deplored the lack of involvement of women in the sector during the International Day of the Girl in ICT in May 2014. Jjiguene Tech is a network of developers and entrepreneurs women open all those who wish to integrate the new technologies market. The hub aims to encourage young Senegalese to integrate science courses, technology, engineering and mathematics. For one of the co-founders, Marième Jamme, women’s potential in Africa is obvious. “There are a lot of innovation in Africa, especially with women,” she says.

This young woman exemplary course is also the creator of Spot One Global Solutions in England. The company helps software companies to locate in the world especially in Africa. In 2012, she is ranked among the 20 most influential young women in Africa. According Marième Jamme, Africa is a land of innovation with a young and dynamic population. However, it lacks the tools, skills and funding, the main barriers faced by many African. “We need to change things and start looking at these young women entrepreneurs in Africa,” she says on her blog. With Jjiguene Tech, it helps to reduce the digital divide between men and women by helping the latter to appropriate ICT tools to use them daily. The initiative is recognized by a large number of investors in the sector, such as Microsoft, which allows Jjiguene Tech to offer its services free of charge.



New technologies, old laws – Le Journal de Montreal

Let’s say you sell lemonade.

Let’s say you sell lemonade.

You must purchase a permit from the city, rent a table to inspect your product, follow a series of laws and regulations, etc.

Meanwhile, in front of your neighbor, which also sells lemonade, has a right pass that allows it to escape any regulation.

You would say that it is unfair competition, right?

This is exactly what happens in the taxi industry.

A taxi license cost an arm and head.

On kijiji, you can buy a taxi permit for Longueuil and Brossard for $ 150,000.

To drive a taxi, you must obtain a special permit (Class 4C), participate in a game if you want to serve the airport, etc.

So if you’re a driver for UberX, you do not need to comply with these regulations.

You use your personal car, and bingo! you can make a living by transporting clients from one point to another in the city.

No wonder the taxi drivers are angry

Especially as the Prime Minister himself seems to say he can not do anything …

“It’s like asking me to go in the river and stop the flow,” said he said.

The world of television is facing a similar problem with Netflix. While Canadian broadcasting companies must meet a series of regulations, including the famous Canadian content quota, the US company (which now distributes original content) is not subject to the CRTC and is not obliged to pay any money to the Canadian state.

It’s as if there was a race, and that allowed some participants to steroids!

obsolete regulations

Prime Minister Couillard is right: we can do nothing against new technologies

You can not “disinvent” Netflix or UberX, like. we can not “disinvent» Internet.

The technologies exist and we must make do.

But why hold an entire regulatory system if it serves no purpose except to disadvantage some companies?

Or the world has to stop at a red light, or no one is forced to do so

You can not have an asymmetric regulation. Louis must have a permit for the taxi but not Johnny.

Louise must respect the CRTC, but not Lisa.

It does not make sense …

It’s like publication bans in trials mega.

The Canadian media may not make public certain sensitive information, but you only have to look at the foreign media to have them. What are these bans two speed?

It made sense before, now.

The new technologies are developing at breakneck speed, exponential.

The world in which your grandchildren grow up will have nothing to do with the one in which you grew up.

But we continue to impose rules dating back to the bygone days of having to consult microfilm the National Library to find a text published four weeks earlier!

Or we modernized the laws regulating certain industries, such as taxi and broadcasting. Or we make them jump!


New technologies: in our school –

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New Technologies we talk about it at school
The ability of Namur upper secondary students to approach the task pane technology with scenic art. But also an opportunity for the young audience to reflect on the impact they have on their lives, in terms of being

and more & nbsp; & raquo;


To spy on their children, American parents draw on … – Liberation

American parents may not have the resources of the National Security Agency (NSA) but when it comes to monitoring their children, they find it quite easy to track them through the mobile phone.
Now there is a flourishing providing monitoring gadgets for stressed parents who want to keep an eye on their children, whether they are speeding in Mom’s car or sending SMS to a time when they should be sleeping.
There are magnetic keys, watches or bracelets with geolocation capabilities. Ankle bracelets to track baby’s moods. Or even capable connected beds snitch if the teen does not go off in time its light at night. Good news for parents, most of these devices-especially those to monitor the most âgés- children are an integral part of mobile phones that teenagers are addicted.
“Parents want to keep control of the situation; it’s a way for them to feel good, “says Sameer Hinduja criminology professor, co-director of the American Center for Research on cyber bullying.
In his little girl of 6 years, Frank Lee, Marketing Manager at LG, offered a pink plastic strap to be able to geotag at any time.
This little gem embellished with pink stars possible in particular to make calls to stored numbers or whether the child is right there where it should be.
“At first, she called us constantly,” he recalls. “I told her to call me when she no longer wants to wear it, but she will not even take it off for me to recharge.”
For the worried parents or have trouble communicating with their teens, there are more subtle ways: the applications installed without the knowledge of users on tablets and phones allow for example to access photos taken to typed messages to historical research on the Internet and much more, according to Sameer Hinduja.
In some cases, parents can delineate areas to receive email alerts whenever their children come out.
“We even heard of parents who place chips on them,” lamented Robert Lowery of the US National Center for Missing and abused children (NCME). “This kind of behavior is shocking. We do not advocate that. ”
This former police officer prefers promote solutions using social media-especially with Facebook- send targeted alerts in case of disappearance, which offer a considerable gain in time to locate children.
But according to Professor Hinduja, some cookies are counterproductive ways for parents looking to rebuild bridges of communication with their children.
“If parents spy on their children, it cuts any possibility of communication, they have surely been slow to build,” he has said.
It thus recommends the latest possible use of these tools, and only if the child has shown that he was not trustworthy.
“That is to hack into the lives of your children. People should not believe that there is a gadget to help them rebuild trust with their children, or that there is a software to make them better parents because there was no ” , insisted that specialist.
Instead of using these new technologies, which often start with good intentions, Robert Lowery of NCME suggests that parents teach their children the right way and teach them how to deal with dangerous situations.
“As hit or scream if someone tries to remove them,” says Lowery. “New technologies, they do not prevent it, they will tell you exactly where the child is taken.”


Apple seeks new battery technologies (for its … – iPhoneAddict (Blog)

Apple has poached key engineers from A123 Systems , a company specializing in the research and development of high-performance battery systems. If the conditional is not in order, it’s just that A123 System has even filed a complaint against Apple for siphoning off some of its key employees while they were still under contract, arguing that Cupertino had embarked on the path of “ Unfair Competition “. Problem, A123 supports his complaint on an internal contract specifying the ban “ to go elsewhere “, a type of agreement signed between two parties that is not “legal” in the strict sense of the term and especially which was largely “retoqué” with justice in the case known as the “anti-poaching” for several companies in the Silicon Valley (including Apple) who had set up barriers “paper” to prevent the departure of their employees.

th_apple concept-car-2-750x423

Beyond the legal aspect (with perhaps minor consequence for Apple given case law on the subject) raiding Cupertino illustrates the will of the California to set up an internal division devoted entirely to research more efficient battery technology than what exists aujourd ‘hui. A123 Systems engineers who have worked for the automotive industry, we think of course again in the project (any more secret) Apple Car but it made little doubts that major advances in the field of batteries would probably also impact our iPhone or our iPad.

Of the 4 employees of A123 Systems that have been poached by Apple, 3 working directly to brand new battery technologies, and should incorporate a team of dozens of engineers, team in which we already find a number of former employees of Tesla . Apple seems to have a certain ambition on the subject, perhaps like the house made efforts to achieve the first mobile processor 100% Apple (and the first 64-bit mobile processor market.)

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