Monday, February 23, 2015

Air Charter Service is investing € 14 million in new technology –

i -tourism: What are the new features of websites ACS ?

Benjamin Sinclair: “Our 18 sites will now be available in the language of the country of origin.

But we especially suitable interfaces and organization of information based on the needs expressed by the different customs and cultures of our clients.

For example, in Dubai, we attach great importance to the size of the device, year of manufacture, or if you can stand inside.

These are concerns quite different from those that may have the French. “

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i-tourism: So you’re talking about an offer bespoke …

BS: “The aim is to save time for both the customer and our teams. In this context, Quality geolocation of our devices was an essential step.

Before the client connected to the mobile site or the web site, filling out a form on the internet would send. This form was read by our teams, which then reminded the client. A long and tedious process.

That’s why we have developed a new booking platform. It immediately detects the position of the aircraft through tags geotagging systems in real time.

mobile site, such as the application generates a price, and sends the information directly without going through complicated administrative procedures.

This allows greater responsiveness to qualify the request. “

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i-Tourism: The new service there is a demand from your customers?

BS: “It is more problems than we observed.

It is not uncommon for a customer finds himself stuck in an airport because of a strike or a problem with the weather.

Offer a quick and effective solution will be greatly simplified with this feature.

It is important that everyone can access this information: those who download the application are those who charter aircraft.

When people are stuck in the airport, they consult the mobile site. This is why the results of the mobile site now look like those on the mobile application.

One can easily imagine a client application in the future should take a business aircraft could not be cheaper than taking a flight with three stops … “


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