Sunday, February 22, 2015

Apple seeks new battery technologies (for its … – iPhoneAddict (Blog)

Apple has poached key engineers from A123 Systems , a company specializing in the research and development of high-performance battery systems. If the conditional is not in order, it’s just that A123 System has even filed a complaint against Apple for siphoning off some of its key employees while they were still under contract, arguing that Cupertino had embarked on the path of “ Unfair Competition “. Problem, A123 supports his complaint on an internal contract specifying the ban “ to go elsewhere “, a type of agreement signed between two parties that is not “legal” in the strict sense of the term and especially which was largely “retoqué” with justice in the case known as the “anti-poaching” for several companies in the Silicon Valley (including Apple) who had set up barriers “paper” to prevent the departure of their employees.

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Beyond the legal aspect (with perhaps minor consequence for Apple given case law on the subject) raiding Cupertino illustrates the will of the California to set up an internal division devoted entirely to research more efficient battery technology than what exists aujourd ‘hui. A123 Systems engineers who have worked for the automotive industry, we think of course again in the project (any more secret) Apple Car but it made little doubts that major advances in the field of batteries would probably also impact our iPhone or our iPad.

Of the 4 employees of A123 Systems that have been poached by Apple, 3 working directly to brand new battery technologies, and should incorporate a team of dozens of engineers, team in which we already find a number of former employees of Tesla . Apple seems to have a certain ambition on the subject, perhaps like the house made efforts to achieve the first mobile processor 100% Apple (and the first 64-bit mobile processor market.)

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