Thursday, February 26, 2015

Axa up big in startups dedicated to new technologies – the

With the publication of its annual results, Axa announced Wednesday, February 25 the creation of a fund for startups: Axa Strategic Ventures. This venture capital fund will have 200 million.

It will be used for “promote innovation in the fields of insurance, savings, banking and asset management “ says Axa France.

new disruptive technologies and approaches

This new fund will help the development of new technologies and disruptive approaches “worn by young innovative companies that have the potential to improve the customer experience in AXA’s business.”

Now, both AXA invest in startups in phase boot than in more mature companies.

An accelerator of “assurtech and” FinTech “

In addition, in the new fund will be integrated seed money” AXA Seed Factory “created in 2013 and has 10 million at the time.

Renamed” AXA Factory “, it becomes an accelerator dedicated to supporting innovative startups with great potential in the areas of assurtech and FinTech. (financial technology).


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