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New technologies for training – ActuSoins

The Formatic Health Association held on 3 and 4 February the symposium on “Health Actors, all connected! For a shared digital culture. ” The event closed the digital Tour de France, which took place in eight regions from November to January. Focus on two initiatives in the field of nursing initial training.

 ICT Health Symposium

Health ICT Symposium

1 / Lectures shared

“Since the 2009 framework, the lessons are contributory, with lectures given by university teachers” , said Pascal Mévial, trainer part of the Clermont Ferrand and project coordinator Auvergne region. In parallel, technology evolves and we must use them. “

In 2010, the six IFSI in the region, located in some remote areas, have decided to pool their university education, supported in their efforts by the Regional Council.

“The goal is to enable students to have access to the same price” , he said. The project initially operated by videoconference, but the team quickly put an end to this process – due to frequent power cuts. – For the benefit of recording lectures then distributed to students

Then, trainers reappropriate the lessons at TD. The common base necessitated the creation of a post of coordinator of university teaching. The evaluation of the device is relatively positive: it allows a regional dynamic, shared the same knowledge and standardization of teachings

However, remaining technical problems, difficulties for students to attend classes. a loss of the direct link with teachers and a constraint for stakeholders who do not have real interactivity with the audience.

The team also questioned the sustainability of funding since due to territorial reform, the Auvergne region will merge with the Rhône-Alpes region. This does not preclude projects since the team would soon create the accompanying documents to enhance the knowledge and TD adapt to this form of education.

2 / Learning Telemedicine

Given the growing use of telemedicine, the Regional Institute of health and social education of the French Red Cross in Central Region, has decided to offer an introduction to Telemedicine nursing students and nursing aides.

“We spent 7 hours there for nursing students and 1:30 for students caregivers, reported Sophie Bertani, frame health. is defined telemedicine, the current context of care and networking. “

The theoretical instruction is followed by a practice with a request for tele-expertise by the nursing student, from a fictitious case. Students can manipulate the telemedicine cart, and understand the workings that require this particular act with the expert in video conferencing.

Originally, this initiative was proposed in continuing education. But having canvassed the ARS and acquired the equipment, “It became obvious to start with initial training, and the ARS validated this will,” added Sophie Bertani.

The nursing students enjoy this interactive teaching, clinical reasoning workshop also transmits associated with this practice technical vocabulary. The idea now is to develop continuing education.

Laure Martin

The Winners of the round of France digital

– Category “Innovative Projects in e-health patient service” ETD consultation. télédentisterie and digital solutions – Antoine Diss – Versailles

– Category “Digital, health prevention, health education and rehabilitation”: PLEASE: Edutainment project focused environmental health – Rémy Collomb, pharmacist – Nice University Hospital

– Category “Innovative Uses digital service. the initial training of health personnel “: Training in the care relationship simulation – Prof. Guy Llorca, head of project Samsei – Université Lyon 1

– Category” Training of health professionals enriched. digital “: Training for critical reading of articles by videoconference – Cécile Bordenave and Catherine Augustiniak, senior health managers at the University Hospital of Bordeaux



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