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Guided tours by new technologies – The Informer, The Scout

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The tour begins at the statue of Peter Lefort, located near the tourist office.

There are many ways to discover Mers-les-Bains … Alone or with family, free visit or tour … I tested an original proposal of the Tourist Office in the city. The guide “Zevisit” to discover the resort from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Simply log on to the website of the Tourist Office.
The visit is possible every day, for free, at your own pace. If you prefer the stationary journey, you do not even have to come in the seaside city. But it is especially a great opportunity to take care during the holidays of February. Comments are available in French, English and Dutch. They are decorated with testimony from residents of the city.

Stone Lefort church

Of course, you can not choose the weather … and it’s in the rain equipped with a mobile phone and headphones, I begin the visit. Operation is simple, just start playing or stop at will. Each station is the subject of a separate file … no need to run.
The tour begins at the statue of Peter Lefort. Located near the tourist office, this monument pays tribute to the naval surgeon, born in Mers-les-Bains. The history of the “Prairie” and the feast of bathers are also discussed.
Then you have to cross the square to go up to the church, “in the oldest part of the city,” say the guides. What delve into the history of Mers-les-Bains … although the current church building began in 1928.

The seaside neighborhood

After explanations the cliff, the tour offers a passage on the boom. On Friday, there are not many people on the esplanade … and the boom is not accessible due to high tides
Then comes the most awaited moment despite the rain. The visit the rue Jules Barni, shops and especially that of the conservation area. However, a word of advice, do not hesitate to well locate on a map street names before starting to better enjoy the ride. I find particularly street Sadie Carnot, his former Astoria and mosaic or RIP villas Francillon and Aiglon on the esplanade.

This is an invitation to get lost in the streets and to look up to admire the different styles, simple or extravagant of these villas. And if you are not satisfied, know that tourist office offers regular tours of the seaside district. Just learn …

  • To access the files, you have to visit the website of the Tourist Office of Mers-les-Bains: www.mers them In the “open house: discover the heritage” tab, all instructions will be given You can also access this service on the website of the City of Mers-les-Bains or directly that of Zevisit. . com.

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