Sunday, February 8, 2015

New technology recruitment service – Freedom-Algeria

Emploitic decided to welcome 2015 with a new website e-recruitment 3.0. It was presented at an event held on February 3 at El Djazair, attended by several heads of companies based in Algeria.

We, as promised by the Co-founder ‘Emploitic, Louaï Djafer, will be a true intermediary between recruiters and job seekers. Candidates will be new “a more powerful search engine to help them quickly target job offers, a calculation matching (correspondence) between the candidate profile and job requirements, and finally a resume creation tool Step simpler and more didactic to support young job seekers “he said.

Businesses will, too, benefit from the technical development of the site. They will have access to “an application management software ATS (Applicant Tracking System) was developed by integrated the Emploitic engineering teams to a data management system relating to recruitment online, and a more search engine powerful to help them quickly identify jobs, “said co-founder of Emploitic.

The e-recruitment is increasingly adapted and adopted by recruiters, with the popularization of the use of the Internet in Algeria. In figures, it gives “more than 10 million subscribers in one year, thanks to 3G, the mobile already accounts for over 10% of the audience and over 5% of the applications, over 500,000 candidate members of Emploitic and hundreds of millions of data, in addition to more than 1,000 users of the site met between 2013 and 2014, “he said.

Given the latest unemployment figures released by the Office National Statistics (ONS), conducted between April and September 2014, revealing that the rate increased to 10.6%, equivalent to 1.214 million unemployed, 25% among young people and over 16% for university , Emploitic decided to offer a new alternative to the job search. It is in this perspective, as stated Louaï Djafer, the recruitment company designed the new site, developed by a team of Algerian engineers.




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