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Medicine: new technologies at the service of our health – francetv info

In France, three hospitals are using virtual reality to treat phobias. There is one in Marseille and two in Paris. “ With this new technology, doctors think they can treat food addiction or depression. Even the Army is interested to treat soldiers returning from war fields and who suffer from posttraumatic stress -traumatique , “said the journalist Lorraine Gublin on the set of France 2.

robots surgeons are increasingly present in hospitals. “ The more sophisticated the world has four articulated arms that manipulate surgical instruments. These arms do not operate alone. It is the surgeon who control the computer via its ,” the journalist.
This robot was able to achieve a removal of the pancreas, kidney, or even make a baby aged a few hours.

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Computex Taiwan wants to defend his place in the news … – Le Parisien




Computex Taiwan wants to defend its place in new technologies

Computex , largest Asian event dedicated to new technologies, began Tuesday in Taiwan, which relies on this event to reaffirm its reputation of? innovation technologique.La robotics and reality …


2016-05-31 4:14:02 p.m.


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Children and new technologies – ladepeche.fr



extensions  Thursday, June 2

                                 Extensions Thursday, June 2


The first meeting hosted by the School of parents and educators, association listening family and education professionals, children and social, health and legal, was held in the town hall of Andrest. Indeed, the steering committee, who worked on the establishment of school time, wanted to enrich their reflection on new technologies, particularly their place in children’s lives. The intervener, Valerie Perpignan, psychologist, made an approach by age groups 0-3, 6-9, 9-12, adolescence, each with benefits and risks of using screens. The discussions were fruitful, based on facts, and “the importance of mastering these new technologies by parents appeared essential to prevent abuses in the life of the child.” Participants parents who wanted to develop some more specific subjects, such as attention deficit disorder, Internet addiction, video games … a new meeting is scheduled Thursday, June 2, at 20 pm at the town hall.


Monday, May 30, 2016

New technologies are stressing more than they reassure – Le Figaro

COLUMN – 9 out of 10 employees felt a spike of stress during their handling of high-tech devices. Every day, Quentin Périnel, journalist with Le Figaro, decrypts your (over) office life in chronic Open office.

Find daily the Open Space in the morning chronic Radio Classique, at 6:52. You can also follow her on Twitter: and Facebook @quentinperinel

I have already sealed the fate of meetings in this column several times.. The vast majority of them are in fact painful, repetitive and uninteresting. This is why it is difficult to be interested. Some employees simulate a semblance of interest nodding and frowning a very serious – just a talent for acting – while others prefer to completely disconnect from the meeting … to better connect their iPhone! Very good. But it would be selfish to forget those for whom the meeting of real importance, employees who organized and who have something to prove!

The small percentage of employees that stress before a meeting are obviously those who are themselves the epicenter, and have something to say and arguments in advance. They are the more stressed! For the preparation of the meeting at first, then by his conduct, fear to express themselves, to use the right words, to be quite charismatic … but above all by the fear of being betrayed by new technologies! According to a study by Barco, 9 out of 10 employees felt a spike of stress during their high-tech devices manipulations which are nevertheless supposed to reassure them and make their lives easier in meeting! Yet it is a fact, no trust …

It is difficult to put all his trust in applications and machines. The preparation was impeccable, well rehearsed, everything seemed to work. But D-Day, at time T, you have beautiful repeatedly press the button … Inexplicably it does not work. The curse of the bug wreaks havoc. A slide that appears absurdly before another, an application that instantly closes, or worse, compromising a YouTube video that starts at a key moment of your presentation. These are things that happen. And the most fun is that despite this stress, 80% of employees feel that new technologies are there to help. To reduce this stress, when you have a meeting with one or two employees, make sure that everyone is well at ease with what the content of the meeting … but especially with the new techonologies!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

When protection also involves new technologies – LINFO.re

The President of the company Meetphone Dominique Brogi, has a (small) revolutionary object whose primary function is to assist individuals involved in an accident or assault.

This is a small object that ” does not even 1 cm² “, says madame Dominique Brogi, president of the company Meetphone, broadcast on the radio RTL . The guest of the French station then details the system that the company has named My Sheriff “This is a button that connected worn on the body and that is relayed to a mobile application “. She added that in fact there is a remote control “your phone to be able to respond if attacked but also in case of accident” .

main features: sending a warning text message to a list of people indicated to locate the victim location, an alarm, triggering a visual or voice recorder (phone camera). Also, it can automatically call the police.

The system My Sheriff is available on Android with full functionality. By cons iPhone , only the alarm siren, voice recording and SMS are available.

Some systems like My Sheriff already existed, among others, online jewelry but Meetphone wanted something called ‘invisible’. “It was something instant, invisible and front office remote distance from my phone” , assures Dominique Brogi.

To learn more, click on this link.


In Tourcoing, new technologies and old age is … – La Voix du Nord

The meetings between residents of retirement homes (residential homes for elderly dependents) are fairly common and used to build or maintain relationships that age and distance can distend . This happens regularly at the residence of Orchids and this time, they are inhabitants of the Flower of the age of Neuville-en-Ferrain Roncq and residence that have been invited to a fun and friendly afternoon. For the occasion, and Aurélie Clement, the hosts orchid, used the support of the general knowledge quiz adapted to residents. Originally this game, Wyvi, a start-up installed in the business incubator of the Imaginarium, the Plaine Images.

Seated in groups, residents must identify a singer’s face, a musical instrument, recognize a song, find the interpreter of Pacifiers anise , guess the write year La Bohème , that of Aznavour. And obviously, the emulation works and the elderly do not leave tell when it comes to finding the right answer. Rivalries are visible when some are wrong, but we remain in good spirits. Some questions allow competitors speechless, which is exceptional for some …

We have already held events around ancient games, song and we wanted to try something else , “says Aurelie. She has already called once at Wyvi on a geography quiz, “ and it worked well .” A next operation will be held in June on the theme of animals and, this time in connection with the CCAS of Tourcoing.


Our goal is to create a toolbox of leaders in nursing homes. “ The idea came from Thomas, one of the three future members of the partnership (and Loïc Baptiste Fruleux Thomas Narvaez), who is also leader in nursing homes. “ These are pros D system that often invent and reinvent their entertainment media for the public of the elderly. ” Their idea has been to create an online tool that leaders can adapt , customize with difficulty levels, filters based pathologies, etc. They worked with SCALab, the laboratory of cognitive and affective sciences of Lille 3, and geriatrician. Their website should be available in July and they hope to launch commercially by next January. They have already contacted the city about thirty institutions, aimed at the French market at first and then, before speaking, this will require further developments, internationally. And we know that the number of older people will double by 2040!

The financing will be in the number of beds means not to penalize small structures.

the aim is not to replace the host, quite the contrary, but to put it in the center of the device.


New technologies, employment for Africa’s youth – RFI

Every day on RFI, experience the transformation of the African economy. Business leaders, policymakers, African of all stripes and condition testify in Africa Economy, your appointment of the African economy on RFI. *** Chronic Africa Economy broadcast on Sunday is replaced by Africa on. Find the topics covered by this program on RFI KNOWLEDGE. http://savoirs.rfi.fr


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Exhibition of new technologies of Tunis information: More … – The time Algeria

An important active delegation in the technology sector is on a mission of professional contacts in Tunis to find partnerships with Tunisian companies and African.


This is
Tunisian trade mission in Algiers which will organize this trip, scheduled for Monday, May 30 Friday, 3 June 2016. More than forty Algerian operators will move on this occasion in Tunis to develop partnerships and identify investment opportunities with Tunisian and African companies for products and solutions High Tech. Algerian companies that will be present are especially active in the IT sector (hardware and software), Telecoms & amp; Networks, Advertising & amp; Consulting, Web Development & amp; Mobile, Digital Security, E-commerce, Marketing etc.
Given the large number of operators and African and international institutions that will be present in Tunis, it is expected that opportunities for cross-partnerships and investments could very well see the day short and medium-terms.
the mission of contacts of the Algerian delegation in Tunis is part of the International Exhibition of the official program of the new technologies of information and communication SITIC Africa to be held at the Palais des Expositions du Kram in Tunis.


A. E.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“New technologies create the conditions for practice … – Le Monde

Le Monde | | By

Antoine Brachet, founder of the collective citizen the 100 Barbarians

Julien Letailleur is the sum of our enthusiasms of our dreams, our desires. It has flaws, like us. It does not always assume, like us. But it has a unique quality in our eyes: it does not exist. Julien is not a being of flesh and blood, this is a romantic hero.

Invented by a contrite community of citizens to be wrong sometimes heard, but positive and eager to reinvent the way exercise of democracy, he became the highest strata of the French executive and implements a program to make the liquid democracy, serving the citizens that compose it.

more suited to its time as his peers, he understood that the world is changing and that new technologies create the conditions for a different practice of the exercise of state. So he built his career high official to achieve its goal. The ability to make it mandatory for the president implement his ambition

It’s simple. Allow everyone to vote in real time on topics of interest.
But obviously things are not so simple. That can produce the deposition of power in the hands of a people, without representation, without cons-powers?

The worst system except for all the others

the “people” will it become totalitarian?

well no.

to paraphrase Churchill, the people are the worst system except for all other. The people who created Julien will understand before what hero negative impacts the system he wants to set up can generate.

And, since the control is going to require him to abandon his ambition . To endorse superior well.

As the hero of The Purple Rose of Cairo (Woody Allen film released in 1985), Julien will be aware of its status as fictional character . But it is the fruit of the thoughts of an entire people, which can be helpful.

Julien will make the decision to cross the screen that separates the real world, one inhabited by citizens who have given birth.

real Change

The real world has understood many things. Away from the media noise, focused on the actions of the Citadel, the Bazaar is creating the conditions for a new revolution, peaceful. Driven by the new possibilities offered by technological evolution, one of the main impacts is to put the world flat Bazaar creates movements (The Indignant, Night Stand, OWS), platforms (voxel, the Primaire.org , MaVoix), reflective bodies (Democracy Open, Parliaments & amp; Citizens)

the world is ready

It is ready to welcome the candidacy for the presidential election of. a virtual candidate, bringing the program to all those who understand that the absence of ego consubstantial his fictional character can help change the world. Julien is only one voice. The voices of those who are bubbling with new ideas to create the conditions for real change, but none will succumb to the power of gold.

utopias for public action

the Institute of public management and economic development (IGPDE), responsible for the training of agents of the administration of the economy and finances, organizes Wednesday, May 25 the 15th international Meeting on public management at Bercy, on the theme of “utopia for public action.”

the program of the conference sociologist Bruno Latour and Michel philosophers Serres and Daniel Innerarity, and two roundtables:

– “The state facing its modernity”, with Marc Abeles (EHESS), Isabelle Bruno (Lille II), Dominique Cardon (Orange Labs) Fjaestad Maja (Secretary of State to the Minister responsible for “the future”), David Graeber (London School of Economics);

– “utopias become” Frédérique Ait Touati (EHESS) . Laurent Ledoux (Belgian Ministry of transport), Zak Allal (University of singularity, Google and NASA), Michel Lallement (CNAM), Audrey Tang (hacktivist, Taiwan)

for further information: www.economie. gouv.fr/igpde-seminaires-conferences/rigp-2016

“Le Monde” published on its website several texts of the contributors to this day.

The people who has created will carry the candidate primaire.org and co-build its political program.

vote for Julien is a vote for you. One that represents you, with no other aim than to serve you.

Vote for Julien is commit to bring your stone to the building program to be presented to all once co-constructed .


Seniors also interested in new technologies – Ouest-France

Tuesday, from 15 am, a dozen women are gathered and already trying to turn the screens of tablets. “We know all this kind of device, our children and grandchildren have …” launches Georgette.Les mamis do not hesitate to use them to try to understand themselves, alas, “at our age it is not instinctive …” finds Mary in asking for help to the moderator.

Geoffrey patiently round the table meet many and varied issues. “None of them have tablet but they are interested,” he remarked. At first, the conversation revolves around the price of these small touchcomputers then to progressively learning more resident leave the table. “I do not see, it’s too difficult. “

Interesting but …

After one hour, the attention has fallen, only Martha and Mary are still connected. Martha, 96, is the admiration of her friends. “She got it right away, said Georgette impressed. She will not wait for Christmas to offer one. “


En Indeed, the old lady is playing Scrabble against the computer, and although she is alleged to have slow brain continues to garner points.

The finding in the late afternoon is not negative. “Even if she does not see the utility of a tablet, they proved curious” finds the facilitator who has not had a moment’s respite.

He even convinced Mary to go to cyberspace where it will find help to get his PC in hand. As for Martha, she ended off its tablet by giving advice to his neighbors épatées by his dexterity: “You can not do it because you put yourself in your head that you will not succeed …” then, obviously, you have to believe.


New technologies – Le Figaro

To streamline the passenger journey, Paris airports and Air France have increasingly using new technologies. Review details and instructions.

Identity Control, baggage (liquids, creams, computers …), excavations, touching, removing shoes … over the years the constraints imposed by airlines to their passengers have continued to rise, complicating still a little boarding. So is now the same for the Thalys and Eurostar, TGV and will follow soon.

According to users, the step is often stressful and even terrible for the elderly or single mothers with toddlers. In response to this problem and complaints, airlines and airports are turning to new technologies. Latest find, the “digitization of the course to the ground.” At Orly as at Roissy, Air France and Paris Airports in fact rely on these processes to make this course as fluid as possible. If registration online or on mobile is now commonplace for most airlines now offer some print labels luggage home. But the European Commission has just added a layer of complication requiring that these labels have a green band. So if monochrome printer to print these labels on the terminals at the airport.

Those of Air France have been redesigned to be more ergonomic, both to change seats as to print their boarding pass or baggage tag. And if needed, a company officer stands nearby to assist passengers lost. Upon arrival at the airport, so it can proceed immediately to step removing luggage. In Area 6 Terminal F, fifteen controllers are ready to swallow checked baggage. First tested in Orly, these dispensing machines were heavily redesigned for easier use. Again, three company officers help passengers and is much less queue.

& #  D xe9; automatic luggage pose xA9 & #;.  Claire-Lise Havet

Removing automatic baggage. © Claire-Lise Havet Photo Credits:

next is the security control. By hours, wait times vary widely. Note that in all its terminals, Paris Airports chose to lengthen the carpet where they defeated then remade his luggage for passing X-ray, allowing a gain of several seconds per passenger. And to optimize space at Roissy for example, controls for European departures were grouped between the two wings of the terminal F.

To access the plane Paris Airports and Air France are testing an automatic loading. This allows the staff to concentrate on passengers requiring special attention, babies, children traveling alone, disabled, etc. If this automation of loading is very effective in long haul for large aircraft with two aisles, it is not safe to be of common interest for the medium-haul, because the only door boarding as the central corridor of the Airbus A 320 or Boeing-737 will necessarily bottlenecks.

Finally, to the arrival in Paris, the real black spot remains the passport control. The debarking is caught between inadequate staffing of the Police Air and Frontier (PAF) at certain hours of the day and the ineffectiveness of the initialed automatic passport control system. A police source acknowledges that this system is often deliberately put out of service. Officials see indeed an evil eye the arrival of these machines “Inspectors passports” that could provoke further downsizing. Yet in less than 10 years traffic has increased by 20% and their powers have been largely extended. Result, only 3.5% of passengers – or 5,000 per day- enjoy Initials. In fact, one third of the devices is always inaccessible. A situation all the more surprising that the company that installed them, Morpho, the world leader in the field, has a maintenance service which, it seems, is rarely called.

Borne  & # xA9; Claire -Lise Havet

Terminal © Claire-Lise Havet Credits Photo:

by contrast, automated passport control in Montreal or New York airports can handle up to 50% of passengers. Releasing all officials to screen passengers who do not have biometric passports. On this issue, the Interior Ministry refused to answer, saying that he is only “User initials, devices have been purchased by the airport.” In terms of investment, is expected to increase the number of locks: for the current 37, 87 will be installed in 2021. … Why such a delay? The investment is minimal yet: catalog value of each unit is 100 000 €. This would not be a luxury when we know that in terms of average waiting, Paris is the worst among European airports. Indeed, there are now arriving at Terminal 2 E one hour and a half wait early in the morning for passengers in economy class and one hour for business passengers.

The PAF has also introduced random checks at the arrival of flights from Schengen. “There’s nothing else to do,” a plague representing police officers. Daily between 14 hours and 18 hours, all passengers are screened. Those who come from Italy, Germany and Spain are therefore well advised if they avoid a flight arriving in the afternoon. It will be 25 minutes won because we find the F terminal or Kiosk Initials or priority access “# 1″ for frequent passengers.

There are more surprising. While police is understaffed, the Comptroller General of the PAF Roissy, Patrice Bohaume, decided to also control the airplane down to the terminal F, connecting passengers will be … again controlled 100 meters further when they leave the Schengen area. “A very difficult situation,” admits Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Paris Airport. He also admitted at a recent press conference have written to the Minister of Interior to discuss the situation. In fact, these queues are plunging indices satisfaction Orly and Roissy airports. While the entire tourism chain mobilized to restore the “Destination Paris” undermined by the attacks, and a large advertising campaign entitled “Paris loves you” was launched … Can we avoid undermining these efforts ?


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zaventem: the security chief pleads for the use of … – lalibre.be


No country can prevent a suicide bomber from committing a suicide, especially in an airport frequented by a large audience, said Tuesday in Brussels a responsible security Amsterdam airport Schiphol, while many experts argued for the use of new technologies to prevent such acts. “I do not think any country can stop a suicide bomber,” said the security official of the Amsterdam airport, Bart Mos, during a seminar organized by the European branch of the Airports Council International (ACI- Europe) with the help of Belgian MEP Vautmans Hilde

the security chief of the Brussels National airport. – struck on March 22 by a suicide bomber who was sixteen dead, and devastation than that recorded shortly after the Brussels metro station Maelbeek – Wilfried Covent, for his part, argued for the use of new technologies such as smart cameras, able to detect suspicious behavior, and ” profiling. “

” These guys (and the Khalid Ibrahim El Bakraoui, the two suicide bombers who detonated their bomb just minutes apart in the departure hall of Zaventem airport so that a third member of the commando, Mohamed Abrini, took flight, ed) would never have appeared at the airport, “said Mr. Covent, stressing that justice and the police had a lot of information on these people.

According to Mos Schiphol airport is investing heavily in technology, which is more reliable than men to screen passengers.


innovative resolutions to better use. News … – UNION

Last Friday, the company BS Gabon and global equipment manufacturer Cisco organized a day on the new technology, called “Innovation Day”.

Under the theme “ Collaboration, Datacenter and business Continuity “this day has allowed Cisco and BS Gabon to introduce participants to innovative solutions to promote effective collaboration within a business.

According to the engineer networks Babacar Wagne, companies should be able to rethink the way they work. “ We provide support to help you achieve your goals by different organizations. (…) There is talk of offering companies the possibility of eliminating the boundaries of geographic barriers , “he said. As such, the organizers of the “ Innovation day ” conducted a presentation of some remote communication tools and real-time video conferencing, WebEx, thin clients on android and IOS, but also telephone terminals.

Present in Gabon since 14 years, BS Gabon wants to be the partner of Gabonese businesses by offering innovative solutions .

Read the full article in full digital version

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New technologies – LG G5: the first modular smartphone – Le Défi Media Group

The LG G5 appears as the first modular smartphone. Its launch in Mauritius was held Friday, April 22 at Dragon Electronics. The LG G5 is Rs 29,995, including VAT.

Unlike its predecessors, the battery of the LG G5 is removable and sliding. This means it is no longer necessary to remove the metal shell to access the battery. Just pull on the bottom of the Smartphone and voila!

The smartphone sports a dress all aluminum. The design is more refined than its predecessors.

The Korean manufacturer has chosen a 5.3 inch screen with a density of 554 pixels per inch for the terminal.

It has 32 GB of memory. The storage capacity can be extended with the addition of a microSD card. The terminal is powered by the new Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 820. It uses the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow.

It has two cameras. This forward is eight mega pixels with a wide-angle of 135 degrees, while the rear camera is sixteen mega pixels with a 78-degree angle. Besides the dual sensor, there is also a dual LED flash, autofocus and a laser sensor RGB

Also new. The volume keys resume their place on the edges of the device. But as clickable power button is always at the back of the unit. . Moreover, a fingerprint scanner incorporated therein

The Smartphone comes with a collection of devices, LG Friends, to meet the needs of consumers:

  • More LG Cam – a camera to take pictures with one hand
  • LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & amp; O Play – an audio player with a converter and amplifier 32 Bit DAC
  • LG 360 VR – virtual reality helmet
  • LG 360 CAM – camera for capturing photos and videos 360
  • LG Rolling Bot – shot to capture photos and videos in eight mega pixel and is directly connected to Wi-Fi LG Rolling Bot is described as smart home monitoring, a system. monitoring for home

New – Link 2050:. accounting software

HLB Appavoo & amp; Associates in collaboration with experts and Clifford To John Fernandes, launched Link 2050 to the end of April. This accounting software is designed to improve the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), facilitate business transactions and processes, and access to information.

The accounting software is in addition to this, a platform operating on Cloud technology. Therefore, it requires no investment in licenses, servers, backup and maintenance. The software is easy to set up with a predefined chart of accounts and seizure of fast data. It is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Link 2050 can produce invoices, financial statements and management reports in one click. It controls the cash, receivables and expenses. The entrepreneur can access their business only by connecting to the software on their Smartphone!

Visit www.link2050.com website and start the free trial period of 30 days! Otherwise, the introductory price until July is Rs 950 per month

Council Pro -. Address IP: how to hide

There are several reasons why a user to hide IP address. “On the Internet, we leave traces. Each of our businesses is tracked. The sites we visit safeguard our IP address, which allows them to learn our habits. By masking the IP address, the user avoids getting track hides its geographical location, protects his anonymity online, the Internet monitoring bypasses or avoids being banned or blacklisted, “said Siddick Elaheebocus, computer expert .

It has to check the IP address by going to WhatIsMyIPAddress.com “Then go to a public place and connect to the free network. Recheck your IP address. You will see that a new series will be allocated. ” The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a simple and effective tool for change and hide the address. PureVPN, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access are just some of VPN. The service can be free as a fee.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

New technologies that provides for the future reform legislation … – Next INpact

The National Assembly yesterday adopted the bill on penal reform. The text, finalized in joint committee, only has to be approved by the Senate on 25 May. An excellent opportunity to review the measures relating to digital.

Article 1 Bis. Seizure of correspondence stored without the knowledge of the person concerned

To search and investigate offenses related to organized crime and terrorism, a magistrate may, at the request of the prosecutor, authorize access to the stored correspondence, accessible via a computer identifier.

This access will be done remotely or not, without the knowledge of the person concerned. The authorities will be allowed to enter or copy this information always fresh. In practice, the judge or the judicial police officer appointed by him, may “ require any qualified agent of a service or a body under the authority or the authority of the Minister responsible for electronic communications or trained agent of a network operator or electronic communications service provider authorized “to perform such operations. Clearly, it will be supported by the intervention of a ISP or the host of a site for such an intrusion, without the latter can not oppose it.

with regard to lawyers, judges, senators or MPs, such operations will be possible without those persons are notified in advance.

Article 2. Interception of correspondence and collection of connection data


Friday, May 20, 2016

Back in time to the streets of New York – Tribune de Genève

A new smartphone application allows to go back in time to the streets of New York and compare the city today to what it once was, thanks to over 100 years of archives gathered on a map interactive.

the application OLDNYC ( “old NYC”) was created on the initiative of the famous New York public Library (NYPL) and is available on iOS since May 9.

with a geolocation system, the user can access the vintage photographs of buildings to which it is located. The approximately 40,000 photographs and drawings collected by the NYPL to complete the application and allow a comparison to New York today to that of the years 1870 to 1970.

Trams Times Square

by browsing the map, we see especially the tower of Rockefeller Plaza under construction in 1932, trams through a Times Square 20s already lined its famous advertising displays, so that a crowded beach at Coney Island in Brooklyn in 1937.

most of the photos are dated, signed and captioned, which also provides information on the architecture and history of New York. Along Central Park on 5th Avenue, you can admire the prestigious Plaza Hotel in its current version built in 1907, and the first Plaza, located at the same address between 1894 to 1905.

“The collections of archives from different sources, the most important is a collection commissioned by the public Library of New York itself between 1920 and 1940, “told AFP Shana Kimball, 38, in charge of program development department public dissemination of the NYPL archive.

data Collection

It took four months to two young developers, Christina Leuci and Orian Breaux, 22 and 26, to make the application. “The most difficult was to collect data,” says Orian Breaux AFP.

“We want to further expand the concept” to “adding more context to the photos” by facilitating sharing on Instagram with a mix of current and old New York, tells the young developer, which plans even “using virtual reality goggles.”

of a total of 700,000 records available at the Library public New York, about 200,000 are in the public domain. “The laboratory technology NYPL develops various interactive tools for about a year and a half,” continues Shana Kimball. “We can not integrate all our archives but we want to share a maximum.” (afp / nxp)

(Created: 5/21/2016, 1:09)


Top of new technologies that have adopted the museums – OBJETCONNECTE.NET

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Top technology that have adopted the museums OBJETCONNECTE.NET If younger were accustomed to dodge the paintings and other works of art that their teacher showed them the technology such as virtual reality, could reverse the trend and attract crowds, small as


New technologies for seniors – Vendée.fr

The Departmental Council of the Vendée, in partnership with Orange and Harmony Mutual experimenting with a new original technology to promote home care for the elderly and remote: remote support

in 2016, the Department of the Vendée € 82,4M dedicated to the elderly. This is the second item of expenditure of the social budget after people with disabilities. Under the project “Ageing Well in the Vendee” , the experimental program “Living Well Vendée @Dom” has been set up in Aizenay, with 12 people elderly.

The Department of Vendée diversified solutions to meet the needs of each elderly person:

Today in Vendée, thanks to local solidarity and the diversity of home services, 85% of seniors live at home!

the Department of Vendée now offers 11,626 seats distributed today in 170 institutions. The Vendée is the first regional ranking for the equipment rate in nursing homes, with 145 per 1,000 inhabitants. This rate of equipment in hospital beds for the elderly up to the Department 5th nationally.

The care of the elderly in private homes also offer an intermediate option between home support and collective accommodation. To date, 48 family friendly are approved in Vendée for a total of 64 elderly persons received.

The Vendee is one of the few departments have a Website completely free and dedicated to seniors: Vendée Senior centralizes the actions and initiatives of the actors in the department for the treatment of addiction, and supports Seniors in their steps and questions. In 2015, the site received more than 12,000 visits.

“Living Well Vendée @Dom”:

This experimental project is testing a new home-based business tracking technology . The 12 beneficiaries volunteers from the city of Aizenay are provided with a M @ sensor PA , the electric meter installed on their home, which transmits data to monitor their activities and to better anticipate emerging issues. Examples: power down, night wandering, problems related to water use …

Alain Leboeuf, Vice Chairman of the County Council, Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, networks and mobility welcomes “the Vendée exemplified in service to its residents. We will continue to work on the digital theme to improve and preserve, an innovative territory that is the Vendée, the lives of seniors and all the Vendée. “

These new technologies developed in conjunction with Orange and Harmony Mutual help keep these people in their homes, and to provide answers to different supervisors stakeholders (health professionals, psychologists, social workers, ergonomists …). Tele-assistance and new technologies allow and to support the elderly and to reassure those around them.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ban Ki-moon calls for developing new technologies … – Abidjan.net

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Ban Ki-moon calls for developing technology the Abidjan.net Tuesday, on the occasion of the World telecommunication and information society, the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon called the development of technology information and communication (ICT) with & nbsp; … sustainable development: the UN calls for harnessing the potential of mediaterre.org
the United Nations celebrates World telecommunication Day Next INpact the international community invited to take advantage of the potential of AP Senegalese 11 articles & nbsp; & raquo;


Ban Ki-moon calls for developing new technologies … – 新华网

NEW YORK (United Nations), May 17 (Xinhua) – On Tuesday, on the occasion of the World Telecommunication and Information Society, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for the development of new information and communications technology (ICT) with lasting positive impact on the social level.

in a message to the world on the occasion of this day, Mr. Ban stressed that sustainable development program required to leverage these technologies to accomplish the overall objective of ensuring everyone to live in dignity.

“these technologies offer intelligent solutions to fight against climate change, hunger, poverty and other challenges that the world faces. They are essential to establish mobile health services, ensure access to education, promote women’s independence, improve the efficiency of industrial and agricultural production, and preserving the environment, “he said.

Emphasizing that young people were” particularly good use of information technology and communication “, the Secretary General said that global policy makers should invest in innovative young people who are part of the greatest generation of youth in history.

He therefore urged governments , companies and leaders of civil society to develop new technologies that will have long term positive effects on the social level, and to “harness the potential of technology to build a better future for all.”

This year’s World telecommunication and information society is under the theme “entrepreneurship in ICT for social progress.” It aims to highlight the role played by entrepreneurs and SMEs in the ICT sector in building economic growth is both sustainable and inclusive.