Sunday, May 22, 2016

New technologies – LG G5: the first modular smartphone – Le Défi Media Group

The LG G5 appears as the first modular smartphone. Its launch in Mauritius was held Friday, April 22 at Dragon Electronics. The LG G5 is Rs 29,995, including VAT.

Unlike its predecessors, the battery of the LG G5 is removable and sliding. This means it is no longer necessary to remove the metal shell to access the battery. Just pull on the bottom of the Smartphone and voila!

The smartphone sports a dress all aluminum. The design is more refined than its predecessors.

The Korean manufacturer has chosen a 5.3 inch screen with a density of 554 pixels per inch for the terminal.

It has 32 GB of memory. The storage capacity can be extended with the addition of a microSD card. The terminal is powered by the new Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 820. It uses the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow.

It has two cameras. This forward is eight mega pixels with a wide-angle of 135 degrees, while the rear camera is sixteen mega pixels with a 78-degree angle. Besides the dual sensor, there is also a dual LED flash, autofocus and a laser sensor RGB

Also new. The volume keys resume their place on the edges of the device. But as clickable power button is always at the back of the unit. . Moreover, a fingerprint scanner incorporated therein

The Smartphone comes with a collection of devices, LG Friends, to meet the needs of consumers:

  • More LG Cam – a camera to take pictures with one hand
  • LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & amp; O Play – an audio player with a converter and amplifier 32 Bit DAC
  • LG 360 VR – virtual reality helmet
  • LG 360 CAM – camera for capturing photos and videos 360
  • LG Rolling Bot – shot to capture photos and videos in eight mega pixel and is directly connected to Wi-Fi LG Rolling Bot is described as smart home monitoring, a system. monitoring for home

New – Link 2050:. accounting software

HLB Appavoo & amp; Associates in collaboration with experts and Clifford To John Fernandes, launched Link 2050 to the end of April. This accounting software is designed to improve the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), facilitate business transactions and processes, and access to information.

The accounting software is in addition to this, a platform operating on Cloud technology. Therefore, it requires no investment in licenses, servers, backup and maintenance. The software is easy to set up with a predefined chart of accounts and seizure of fast data. It is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Link 2050 can produce invoices, financial statements and management reports in one click. It controls the cash, receivables and expenses. The entrepreneur can access their business only by connecting to the software on their Smartphone!

Visit website and start the free trial period of 30 days! Otherwise, the introductory price until July is Rs 950 per month

Council Pro -. Address IP: how to hide

There are several reasons why a user to hide IP address. “On the Internet, we leave traces. Each of our businesses is tracked. The sites we visit safeguard our IP address, which allows them to learn our habits. By masking the IP address, the user avoids getting track hides its geographical location, protects his anonymity online, the Internet monitoring bypasses or avoids being banned or blacklisted, “said Siddick Elaheebocus, computer expert .

It has to check the IP address by going to “Then go to a public place and connect to the free network. Recheck your IP address. You will see that a new series will be allocated. ” The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a simple and effective tool for change and hide the address. PureVPN, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access are just some of VPN. The service can be free as a fee.


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