Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Limoges: slow aging through new technologies – francetv info

From the tee connected to the measurement of brain activity during sports, at Limoges researchers offer seniors the means to stay healthy thanks to new technologies.

  • By Cécile Gauthier
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Measure & amp;  # 039; brain activity during the & amp; # 039;  effort to the & amp; # 039; optimize the & amp; #  039; one of the challenges of the laboratory HAVAE  © France Limousin 3

© France 3 Limousin Measuring brain activity during exercise to optimize it, one of the lab issues HAVAE

we must move to stay young , we say you repeat! And new technology can help you maximize your performance and even encourage you to increase your physical activity.

If researchers in new technologies were first examined the case of top-level athletes, they are interested now the senior.

Decline innovations for the well being and health of older people is the goal of the laboratory limougeaud HAVAE .

health connected

researchers currently Limoges decline of established technologies for high-level athletes to improve the health of seniors.
 Location: Limoges. HAVAE laboratory
 Speakers: Benoît Borel (Doctor of Science and Physical and Sports Activities of Technology); Bernadette (retired); Annaïck Perrochon (Doctor of Science and Technology of Physical and Sporting Activities)


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