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Antoine Brachet, founder of the collective citizen the 100 Barbarians

Julien Letailleur is the sum of our enthusiasms of our dreams, our desires. It has flaws, like us. It does not always assume, like us. But it has a unique quality in our eyes: it does not exist. Julien is not a being of flesh and blood, this is a romantic hero.

Invented by a contrite community of citizens to be wrong sometimes heard, but positive and eager to reinvent the way exercise of democracy, he became the highest strata of the French executive and implements a program to make the liquid democracy, serving the citizens that compose it.

more suited to its time as his peers, he understood that the world is changing and that new technologies create the conditions for a different practice of the exercise of state. So he built his career high official to achieve its goal. The ability to make it mandatory for the president implement his ambition

It’s simple. Allow everyone to vote in real time on topics of interest.
But obviously things are not so simple. That can produce the deposition of power in the hands of a people, without representation, without cons-powers?

The worst system except for all the others

the “people” will it become totalitarian?

well no.

to paraphrase Churchill, the people are the worst system except for all other. The people who created Julien will understand before what hero negative impacts the system he wants to set up can generate.

And, since the control is going to require him to abandon his ambition . To endorse superior well.

As the hero of The Purple Rose of Cairo (Woody Allen film released in 1985), Julien will be aware of its status as fictional character . But it is the fruit of the thoughts of an entire people, which can be helpful.

Julien will make the decision to cross the screen that separates the real world, one inhabited by citizens who have given birth.

real Change

The real world has understood many things. Away from the media noise, focused on the actions of the Citadel, the Bazaar is creating the conditions for a new revolution, peaceful. Driven by the new possibilities offered by technological evolution, one of the main impacts is to put the world flat Bazaar creates movements (The Indignant, Night Stand, OWS), platforms (voxel, the , MaVoix), reflective bodies (Democracy Open, Parliaments & amp; Citizens)

the world is ready

It is ready to welcome the candidacy for the presidential election of. a virtual candidate, bringing the program to all those who understand that the absence of ego consubstantial his fictional character can help change the world. Julien is only one voice. The voices of those who are bubbling with new ideas to create the conditions for real change, but none will succumb to the power of gold.

utopias for public action

the Institute of public management and economic development (IGPDE), responsible for the training of agents of the administration of the economy and finances, organizes Wednesday, May 25 the 15th international Meeting on public management at Bercy, on the theme of “utopia for public action.”

the program of the conference sociologist Bruno Latour and Michel philosophers Serres and Daniel Innerarity, and two roundtables:

– “The state facing its modernity”, with Marc Abeles (EHESS), Isabelle Bruno (Lille II), Dominique Cardon (Orange Labs) Fjaestad Maja (Secretary of State to the Minister responsible for “the future”), David Graeber (London School of Economics);

– “utopias become” Frédérique Ait Touati (EHESS) . Laurent Ledoux (Belgian Ministry of transport), Zak Allal (University of singularity, Google and NASA), Michel Lallement (CNAM), Audrey Tang (hacktivist, Taiwan)

for further information: www.economie.

“Le Monde” published on its website several texts of the contributors to this day.

The people who has created will carry the candidate and co-build its political program.

vote for Julien is a vote for you. One that represents you, with no other aim than to serve you.

Vote for Julien is commit to bring your stone to the building program to be presented to all once co-constructed .


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