Friday, May 6, 2016

[TOP 3] The new technologies of the week # 80 – Good Morning Crowdfunding (Blog)

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Hello, dear friends of the crowdfunding ! Like every Friday, we give appointment to the top 3 of the week technology projects. more and more French people are turning to the crowdfunding and want to invest in projects where they see real potential. The projects are so numerous that it becomes difficult to navigate to their choice. This topic may give you some ideas. This week our Top 3 is a special top cycling

number 3: eBike Wave

eBike Wave has a number of features including an engine of 750 watts for incredible power with a maximum speed of 28 MPH and road tires. The eBike Wave has an effective range of over 52 miles. Affordable and durable, eBike Wave allows you to roll through the city, along the beach and anywhere you want! For maximum coverage, use the hybrid mode pedaling while using the électrique.Vous engine can also use the fully electric mode for 26 miles without ever having to pedal. Due to international regulations, the eBike Wave is unfortunately only available for shipment to the United States for the moment

Number 2. CMYK 4.0

CMYK 4.0 is a small electric bike easy foldable to take with you everywhere as in transport. With its 250 watt motor, CMYK 4.0 will assist you for 30 miles on a single charge. Its maximum speed is 25 km / h. You can regulate your pace and heart rate through the mobile application. This application also shows you information such as speed, distance, navigation, performance and all kinds of statistics. You can also access bus or train schedules and you can get an overview of traffic before leaving. A phone charger is built into the handlebars to power your phone even if the bike runs out of juice

Number 1. SmartHalo

SmartHalo is bike smart designed for urban cyclists. Its quality locking system ensures that it remains permanently on your handlebars to help you when you need them. The intuitive navigation system shows you the quickest route to your destination. This GPS communicates through an intuitive halo of light to show you the right directions to take. The front light is powerful to give you a comfortable viewing and visibility at night. Its sophisticated sensors detect your presence to boot. When you leave your bike, SmartHalo keeps it safe from thieves with an alarm system. With its application, you can get your progress and many other data. In standard use, the battery SmartHalo will last about three weeks.


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