Sunday, May 29, 2016

When protection also involves new technologies –

The President of the company Meetphone Dominique Brogi, has a (small) revolutionary object whose primary function is to assist individuals involved in an accident or assault.

This is a small object that ” does not even 1 cm² “, says madame Dominique Brogi, president of the company Meetphone, broadcast on the radio RTL . The guest of the French station then details the system that the company has named My Sheriff “This is a button that connected worn on the body and that is relayed to a mobile application “. She added that in fact there is a remote control “your phone to be able to respond if attacked but also in case of accident” .

main features: sending a warning text message to a list of people indicated to locate the victim location, an alarm, triggering a visual or voice recorder (phone camera). Also, it can automatically call the police.

The system My Sheriff is available on Android with full functionality. By cons iPhone , only the alarm siren, voice recording and SMS are available.

Some systems like My Sheriff already existed, among others, online jewelry but Meetphone wanted something called ‘invisible’. “It was something instant, invisible and front office remote distance from my phone” , assures Dominique Brogi.

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