Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seniors also interested in new technologies – Ouest-France

Tuesday, from 15 am, a dozen women are gathered and already trying to turn the screens of tablets. “We know all this kind of device, our children and grandchildren have …” launches Georgette.Les mamis do not hesitate to use them to try to understand themselves, alas, “at our age it is not instinctive …” finds Mary in asking for help to the moderator.

Geoffrey patiently round the table meet many and varied issues. “None of them have tablet but they are interested,” he remarked. At first, the conversation revolves around the price of these small touchcomputers then to progressively learning more resident leave the table. “I do not see, it’s too difficult. “

Interesting but …

After one hour, the attention has fallen, only Martha and Mary are still connected. Martha, 96, is the admiration of her friends. “She got it right away, said Georgette impressed. She will not wait for Christmas to offer one. “


En Indeed, the old lady is playing Scrabble against the computer, and although she is alleged to have slow brain continues to garner points.

The finding in the late afternoon is not negative. “Even if she does not see the utility of a tablet, they proved curious” finds the facilitator who has not had a moment’s respite.

He even convinced Mary to go to cyberspace where it will find help to get his PC in hand. As for Martha, she ended off its tablet by giving advice to his neighbors épatées by his dexterity: “You can not do it because you put yourself in your head that you will not succeed …” then, obviously, you have to believe.


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