Saturday, May 7, 2016

New maps and new technology to nVidia – JeuxOnLine

Last night, NVIDIA unveiled its new cards from the Pascal family. If the ads are agreements with rumors and information leaked, they allowed to provide practical information and present new upcoming software technologies.

Pascal, the new architecture of nVidia, has long been expected as a revolution in graphics cards. fine engraving of change, architecture change, the introduction of HBM2 (memory bandwidth, the first generation was introduced exclusively on the cards Fury AMD), full DirectX Support 12, etc.

If wildest dreams originally forecast a virtually twice the power compared to the current generation, the different information that could move had been made revise expectations downward.

This is finally the GDDR5X instead of HBM2 (should happen with the next generation of cards) but only in 1080, the foundry can not succeed in producing enough GDDR5X chips to meet any the demand. The 1070 is still equipped with GDDR5, as the current generation.

And if there is still a power gain (1080 about 20% more powerful than the 980 Ti), it is similar to one known with the last change cards. The focus for the new family of cards has been on the consumer to produce maps with better performance, which run cooler and can go higher in frequency.

the GTX This will acquire 1080 from 27 May at a suggested list price of $ 600 (about 630 €). It will also be available for $ 699 in its Founders Edition model, which is that you can see on the photos

The 1070 will happen meanwhile that as of 10 June, at a price recommended $ 379 (about 400 €). It will also have its version Founders Edition, at $ 449.

These two cards are launched Note that $ 50 more expensive than the GTX 980 and 970. If it appears justified by the gain in power, additional costs above indicates that the premium still drifting more towards the high end in terms of pricing, creating a shortage in the lower price ranges.

Please note, the next card of Pascal generation should be the 1050 GTX and 1060 a few months, the 1080 GTX Ti should arrive later.

nVidia took this announcement also to present new technologies available with this new architecture oriented mainly to virtual reality via VRWorks

the most prominent being the Simultaneous Multi-Projection that allows to adapt the image to the “new” views. curved screen, surround gaming (use three displays, but again not affected by this change) and VR helmets.

If this technology can improve the display, it also can significantly increase the performance of virtual reality through different operations, reflected in 1080 two times more efficient than Titan X on the RV.

another technology that we accept is Ansel, a capture tool images allowing one hand to freely control the camera and also to enhance and retouch the screenshot made.


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