Tuesday, May 24, 2016

innovative resolutions to better use. News … – UNION

Last Friday, the company BS Gabon and global equipment manufacturer Cisco organized a day on the new technology, called “Innovation Day”.

Under the theme “ Collaboration, Datacenter and business Continuity “this day has allowed Cisco and BS Gabon to introduce participants to innovative solutions to promote effective collaboration within a business.

According to the engineer networks Babacar Wagne, companies should be able to rethink the way they work. “ We provide support to help you achieve your goals by different organizations. (…) There is talk of offering companies the possibility of eliminating the boundaries of geographic barriers , “he said. As such, the organizers of the “ Innovation day ” conducted a presentation of some remote communication tools and real-time video conferencing, WebEx, thin clients on android and IOS, but also telephone terminals.

Present in Gabon since 14 years, BS Gabon wants to be the partner of Gabonese businesses by offering innovative solutions .

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