Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Children and new technologies – ladepeche.fr



extensions  Thursday, June 2

                                 Extensions Thursday, June 2


The first meeting hosted by the School of parents and educators, association listening family and education professionals, children and social, health and legal, was held in the town hall of Andrest. Indeed, the steering committee, who worked on the establishment of school time, wanted to enrich their reflection on new technologies, particularly their place in children’s lives. The intervener, Valerie Perpignan, psychologist, made an approach by age groups 0-3, 6-9, 9-12, adolescence, each with benefits and risks of using screens. The discussions were fruitful, based on facts, and “the importance of mastering these new technologies by parents appeared essential to prevent abuses in the life of the child.” Participants parents who wanted to develop some more specific subjects, such as attention deficit disorder, Internet addiction, video games … a new meeting is scheduled Thursday, June 2, at 20 pm at the town hall.


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