Friday, May 20, 2016

New technologies for seniors – Vendé

The Departmental Council of the Vendée, in partnership with Orange and Harmony Mutual experimenting with a new original technology to promote home care for the elderly and remote: remote support

in 2016, the Department of the Vendée € 82,4M dedicated to the elderly. This is the second item of expenditure of the social budget after people with disabilities. Under the project “Ageing Well in the Vendee” , the experimental program “Living Well Vendée @Dom” has been set up in Aizenay, with 12 people elderly.

The Department of Vendée diversified solutions to meet the needs of each elderly person:

Today in Vendée, thanks to local solidarity and the diversity of home services, 85% of seniors live at home!

the Department of Vendée now offers 11,626 seats distributed today in 170 institutions. The Vendée is the first regional ranking for the equipment rate in nursing homes, with 145 per 1,000 inhabitants. This rate of equipment in hospital beds for the elderly up to the Department 5th nationally.

The care of the elderly in private homes also offer an intermediate option between home support and collective accommodation. To date, 48 family friendly are approved in Vendée for a total of 64 elderly persons received.

The Vendee is one of the few departments have a Website completely free and dedicated to seniors: Vendée Senior centralizes the actions and initiatives of the actors in the department for the treatment of addiction, and supports Seniors in their steps and questions. In 2015, the site received more than 12,000 visits.

“Living Well Vendée @Dom”:

This experimental project is testing a new home-based business tracking technology . The 12 beneficiaries volunteers from the city of Aizenay are provided with a M @ sensor PA , the electric meter installed on their home, which transmits data to monitor their activities and to better anticipate emerging issues. Examples: power down, night wandering, problems related to water use …

Alain Leboeuf, Vice Chairman of the County Council, Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, networks and mobility welcomes “the Vendée exemplified in service to its residents. We will continue to work on the digital theme to improve and preserve, an innovative territory that is the Vendée, the lives of seniors and all the Vendée. “

These new technologies developed in conjunction with Orange and Harmony Mutual help keep these people in their homes, and to provide answers to different supervisors stakeholders (health professionals, psychologists, social workers, ergonomists …). Tele-assistance and new technologies allow and to support the elderly and to reassure those around them.


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