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Futuroscope inaugurates its new attractions, bristling with … – Clubic

You can not imagine what awaits you ,” is the new slogan of the Futuroscope in Poitiers. On the eve of its thirtieth anniversary, the French theme park opened in 1987 ushered in the beginning of April several new blending art and technology. From “The law of the strongest,” to “The Explorarium” through “Ice Age” or the new evening show “The forge the stars” designed by Cirque du Soleil, the park takes visitors the borders of imagination …

with 1.83 million visitors recorded in 2015, Futuroscope is the second french leisure park behind Disneyland. It is also the second in terms of total attendance and is expected to reach 50 million visitors next year. A great success for what was initially a crazy idea the President of the General Council of the Vienna René Monory. On the occasion of a session of the Parliament of the area one morning in November 1982, the man has a few lines on a project to build a house of the future, a place that would be dedicated to image, to new technologies and the jobs of tomorrow. It took a little less than 5 years for the project to take shape and transform a deeply rural department in a major place of new technologies.

It’s a rainy Saturday that we went the press day organized by the Futuroscope for the inauguration of its new attractions. As every year, the park invests 10% of its turnover (96.4 million in 2015) to renew 20% of its offer and bring back 60% of its visitors. The park covers “ great satisfaction ” of its customers that are more than one in two to return, 45% for more than a day. For this, the recipe is always the same: to offer a unique experience through attractions and shows made with partners from the world of technology, film, cartoon, reportage, science, circus, or yet the music.

Unlike most parks based on a theme, Futuroscope explores various fields with the aim to stimulate the imagination of young and old. The site is not just to its own attractions as it also includes nine restaurants, outdoor games for children, a garden of carnivorous plants, a baptized exhibition center “Expo Future” where everyone can test latest technology (holograms, 3D printing …), taste or molecular cuisine, discover the latest high-tech gadgets in the shop LICK. The visit is also an opportunity to discover the neo-futuristic pavilions of French architect Denis Laming and amazing sculptures spread around the walkways and gardens of the park. Follow the guide …

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