Sunday, May 29, 2016

In Tourcoing, new technologies and old age is … – La Voix du Nord

The meetings between residents of retirement homes (residential homes for elderly dependents) are fairly common and used to build or maintain relationships that age and distance can distend . This happens regularly at the residence of Orchids and this time, they are inhabitants of the Flower of the age of Neuville-en-Ferrain Roncq and residence that have been invited to a fun and friendly afternoon. For the occasion, and Aurélie Clement, the hosts orchid, used the support of the general knowledge quiz adapted to residents. Originally this game, Wyvi, a start-up installed in the business incubator of the Imaginarium, the Plaine Images.

Seated in groups, residents must identify a singer’s face, a musical instrument, recognize a song, find the interpreter of Pacifiers anise , guess the write year La Bohème , that of Aznavour. And obviously, the emulation works and the elderly do not leave tell when it comes to finding the right answer. Rivalries are visible when some are wrong, but we remain in good spirits. Some questions allow competitors speechless, which is exceptional for some …

We have already held events around ancient games, song and we wanted to try something else , “says Aurelie. She has already called once at Wyvi on a geography quiz, “ and it worked well .” A next operation will be held in June on the theme of animals and, this time in connection with the CCAS of Tourcoing.


Our goal is to create a toolbox of leaders in nursing homes. “ The idea came from Thomas, one of the three future members of the partnership (and Loïc Baptiste Fruleux Thomas Narvaez), who is also leader in nursing homes. “ These are pros D system that often invent and reinvent their entertainment media for the public of the elderly. ” Their idea has been to create an online tool that leaders can adapt , customize with difficulty levels, filters based pathologies, etc. They worked with SCALab, the laboratory of cognitive and affective sciences of Lille 3, and geriatrician. Their website should be available in July and they hope to launch commercially by next January. They have already contacted the city about thirty institutions, aimed at the French market at first and then, before speaking, this will require further developments, internationally. And we know that the number of older people will double by 2040!

The financing will be in the number of beds means not to penalize small structures.

the aim is not to replace the host, quite the contrary, but to put it in the center of the device.


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