Monday, May 30, 2016

New technologies are stressing more than they reassure – Le Figaro

COLUMN – 9 out of 10 employees felt a spike of stress during their handling of high-tech devices. Every day, Quentin Périnel, journalist with Le Figaro, decrypts your (over) office life in chronic Open office.

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I have already sealed the fate of meetings in this column several times.. The vast majority of them are in fact painful, repetitive and uninteresting. This is why it is difficult to be interested. Some employees simulate a semblance of interest nodding and frowning a very serious – just a talent for acting – while others prefer to completely disconnect from the meeting … to better connect their iPhone! Very good. But it would be selfish to forget those for whom the meeting of real importance, employees who organized and who have something to prove!

The small percentage of employees that stress before a meeting are obviously those who are themselves the epicenter, and have something to say and arguments in advance. They are the more stressed! For the preparation of the meeting at first, then by his conduct, fear to express themselves, to use the right words, to be quite charismatic … but above all by the fear of being betrayed by new technologies! According to a study by Barco, 9 out of 10 employees felt a spike of stress during their high-tech devices manipulations which are nevertheless supposed to reassure them and make their lives easier in meeting! Yet it is a fact, no trust …

It is difficult to put all his trust in applications and machines. The preparation was impeccable, well rehearsed, everything seemed to work. But D-Day, at time T, you have beautiful repeatedly press the button … Inexplicably it does not work. The curse of the bug wreaks havoc. A slide that appears absurdly before another, an application that instantly closes, or worse, compromising a YouTube video that starts at a key moment of your presentation. These are things that happen. And the most fun is that despite this stress, 80% of employees feel that new technologies are there to help. To reduce this stress, when you have a meeting with one or two employees, make sure that everyone is well at ease with what the content of the meeting … but especially with the new techonologies!


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