YouTube is about to propose its own subscription service, according Billboard . Video platform and provide unlimited access to its customers just like Spotify or Deezer.

youtube live steaming

YouTube will launch in a subscription service fee . This is what has just revealed Billboard which describes a system of monthly subscription how Spotify . YouTube service work with a Premium account for which users should pay monthly sum of $ 9.99 by The Verge . The media also said that the launch of the service is expected to arrive later this year.

According to information obtained by Billboard , premium subscribers will be able to remove ads video and enjoy video playback off -connect . The subscription should provide unlimited access catalog of music videos from YouTube, a bit like Google Play Music All Access. We can also raise the difficulty of the two Google services to differentiate.

Billboard also states that the necessary vesting agreements have already been concluded with the various players in the music industry. Finally, the launch of a premium service could be accompanied by a redesign of the YouTube mobile app . Asked what strategic shift, YouTube did not deny the information BillBoard :

to continuing that people can enjoy the content from Youtube on all screens, and to give our partners more opportunities to reach their fans. However, we have nothing to announce at this day .