Friday, October 4, 2013

Instagram confirms the arrival of advertising - ZDNet

Business: subsidiary Facebook announces the arrival of advertising in the U.S. over the users “in the coming months.” But ensures want to go “gently”.

“We want to make money over the long term, but we have no pressure in the short term” secured in September at Wall Street Journal’s director of operations Instagram, Emily White, announcing the arrival of advertising as a source of monetization in 2014.

arrival is confirmed as the subsidiary Facebook officially announced the arrival “in the coming months” of advertising in the course of its users in the United States.

150 million active users

“In the coming months, you will begin to see an advertisement occasionally in your Instagram over if you are in the U.S.” says the official blog of the application photos.

not to raise the ire of users, Instagram provides want to “start small”: “We will focus on a small number of beautiful photos and high quality video, from a handful of brands that are already members important the Instagram community. “

He added: “We will also make sure to be sure that you control the situation If you see an ad you do not, you can hide it and give us an explanation of what was appropriate. not “.

Instagram users will naturally be an argument to convince advertisers to invest in advertising. The service claims the conquest of 50 million users in six months, is now 150 million active visitors each month. Over 60% of these users are outside the United States.

“Theoretically, Instagram could win today hundreds of millions of dollars, but they would need a large sales force and might pollute their environment,” says the WSJ with the Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser.

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