Thursday, October 10, 2013

iPad 5: what the Apple tablet might look like - ZDNet

Technology: The rumors around the upcoming release of the iPad 5, which could be realized? A faster processor? As a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5s? The blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes book assumptions, including the most unlikely.

Now that the new iPhone has been released and are on sale, attention now turns to another flagship product of Apple: its iPad tablet. According to AllThingsD, iPad 5 should be submitted by the manufacturer on October 22.

Judging the rumors, the new version of the iPad could hold quite a few surprises. But Apple could he take advantage of this new launch, as with the iPhone, introduce variations and segmenting its offer a little more in a market where Android is becoming more and more?


iPad 5s would be Apple’s flagship model, the most feature-rich, as is the iPhone 5s compared to 5c. This variant of the tablet and integrate the A7 64-bit processor. In terms of hardware, Apple also introduce the iPad 5s its biometric technology Touch ID. Note also, in this scenario, the possibility for the consumer to choose between three colors:. Silver, gray and gold sidereal

iPad 5c: as iPhone 5c, 5c iPad is positioned as the entry-level model of the American manufacturer, taking this as the place of iPad 2. In terms of specifications, this iPad 5s resume the overall characteristics of the current iPad 4, while adopting, why not, the plastic shells colored iPhone 5c. The side of the battery, no change with an autonomy that remain about 10 hours, as on iPad 5s.

iPad mini: key assumptions, and changes in the tablet market, suggest that Apple should improve the display quality of the tablet 8 inch to and to provide it with a Retina display (but not before 2014?). This will presumably affect the battery life. According to other speculation, the iPad Mini will be available in new and multiple colors.


Overall, the price of the iPad should be from the first generation, remain unchanged. But in the scenario completely fictional for now, that Apple would introduce variations, these prices would be adjusted however
– iPad 5s:. From $ 499 (current price of iPad Retina)
– iPad 5c: from $ 399 (price of the iPad 2)
– mini iPad: starting at $ 329 (unchanged from the current price)


For now, Apple offers its shelves Retina and Mini versions in 16, 32 or 64 GB, but 128 GB, but only for the Retina model. The cost of storage has dropped, why Apple does not topple it on a first entry-level 32 GB rather than 16 GB model?

This scenario, however, is very unlikely, especially since Apple has not done anything like this for the iPhone, and also because it is more lucrative to keep an entry-level 16 GB version of In addition, competition has not opted for such a solution.

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