Saturday, October 5, 2013

Twitter investors are rubbing their hands before coming into ... - Le Figaro

capitalization of the company is expected to yield about 2.4 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) to its co-founders.

Twitter is not yet in stock market, but the cake is already shared. At the forefront of those who will benefit from the placing on the microblogging social network market, we find three of the four co-founders Noah Glass who left the company: Dick Costolo, current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, President its board of directors, and Evan Williams. The IPO of Twitter could bring about 2.4 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) to the three men in the case where the social network is valued at approximately $ 13 billion. Jack Dorsey has 4.9% of Twitter’s potential gain would be $ 637 million. Dick Costolo, who has meanwhile 1.6% of the company, could pocket $ 208 million. The winner of the operation will be Evan Williams, the most discreet of the trio. He officially has 12% of Twitter and therefore could earn $ 1.56 billion with the IPO of the social network. The site specializes Bloomberg Evan Williams says even now possess 15% of the capital.

An actor and a Saudi prince

first supports Twitter will also be at the party. This is particularly the case of Jay Virdy, former CEO of Summize, a search engine acquired by Twitter in 2008 and then integrated into its own search engine. Following this acquisition, Jay Virdy and its partners have been distributing 10% share of the social network.

Among the beneficiaries of the operation, there are also high-profile partners. The social network has more than one hundred individual and institutional investors, including investment bank Morgan Stanley and company asset management T. Rowe Price. The site has also received support from investment funds specializing in celebrities. These include Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, actor Ashton Kutcher and Saudi Prince al-Walid bin Talal, who invested nearly 300 million dollars (220 million euros) in the microblogging site.

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