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Sharing of private data by default: PayPal tries to explain - ZDNet

Business: The online payment service alerts by email its French users to change its TOS, including the sharing of certain information with marketing organizations. These changes, take it or leave it, are controversial.

Discovered by, changes in terms and conditions of PayPay have thrilled the many French service users. For the online payment giant wanted to pass on the sly important developments in terms of management of personal data.

visit the page on “updates of Regulation” (not sent directly to the email then, but need to go to the PayPal site) begins by explaining that if one rejects the changes, you must close his account.

In the depths of the long web page (page 6 if you print it), there is a “change in the PayPal payment on respect for privacy.” We are.

Transmission partners

This amendment will come into force on 18 October 2013. A section focuses on “disclosure of information to third parties other than PayPal,” paragraph “explains how and why we may disclose information about you as a merchant with our integration partners.”

The site promises that “PayPal will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent, and will not disclose such information only in specific cases and for the purposes described in this regulation. This includes the transfer of information to non-member states of the EEA. “


PayPal “working with third party service providers. We need to share user data with them to provide the services requested by our users.”

Facebook, Criteo, Mediaplex …

partners issue with which data can be shared first are various credit reference agencies and the fight against fraud.


then a crisp category “Marketing and Public Relations” (page 11 – how many users will read this document so far?). There are, for example Facebook, or Criteo and Mediaplex for “implement and evaluate campaigns retargeting” and Nanigans, Fiksu (both in the United States) and Ad-X Limited (United Kingdom) to “help identify the behavior in the mobile phone applications to guide decision targeted marketing “etc. …

shared data? Bulk: names, phone numbers, email addresses, IDs, devices used

All these points, all of these shares data for advertising purposes are to take or leave. The user can only say amen or close his account. They are applicable from October 18.

default application that boosted users. Some (see comments of our original article) even decided to close their account. tried repeatedly to get an official response from PayPal on Friday. In vain. Finally, the press service of the site eventually send us an “official statement”:

“We consider very seriously the privacy of our users. As we told our users, we share some of their information with third parties, in particular to improve the quality of our service and to better target our operations marketing. These providers handle these data, but we do not allow these third parties to use this information for their own activities. “

Marc Jaugey, director of communications at PayPal, added: “In any case the data of our users is transmitted to third parties so that they can exploit to earn money We are working with actors like. Facebook or Criteo to optimize our campaigns. So this is crossing our data with theirs. These provisions relate only to the campaigns conducted on behalf of PayPal. “

Reassured? Nothing is less certain. Also add that tried to get a reaction from the Commission Nationale Informatique and Freedoms did not return our calls.

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