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The transfer of the Hadopi CSA could occur as early as October -

Posted by admin Robillart Monday, September 2, 2013

the occasion of the passing of a law on the independence of public broadcasting to be held in October, the transfer of skills to the Hadopi CSA could be programmed. The effective implementation of the measures could take place in early 2014.

In his final point with the press, the Minister of Culture had said she would try to act quickly on some issues. The passage of relay assignments Hadopi CSA seems to be a priority since the redesign could come very quickly in favor of a text on the independence of broadcasting.

According to Les Echos , the transfer of powers and should intervene officially in early 2014, if not sooner. Then it would reduce the potential inherent parliamentary debates on this issue. The event was later confirmed by a government source with Liberation , but that it does not deliver more information about the details of the transfer.

The advantage of this event lies in the fact that thus enable the government to act quickly on the issue since the draft law on the independence of broadcasting has already been passed by the National Assembly. Remains in the Senate to do its position, but also to know what are the details of the handover.

In parallel, the Ministry of Culture told Mireille Imbert-Quaretta, President of the Committee protection of the rights of the Hadopi, a mission on the issue of piracy for commercial purposes. Its task is thus to prepare a roadmap aiming to for “ involve payment solutions providers and advertis ing agencies to search engines and social networks ” on this topic.

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