Saturday, August 31, 2013

Apple launched a "cash for clunkers" on his iPhone - Le Figaro

The giant on Friday launched a new program of recovery in the United States. One way to regain control of the market for the resale of iPhone, but also to prepare the launch of its new iPhone 5S.

Apple wants to boost sales of new iPhone. To encourage fans to expenditure, the firm at the apple on Friday launched a new program of recovery in the United States. The principle is simple: the owners of older iPhone models can bring them to an Apple Store and receive in exchange for a purchase credit to afford a newer version of the smartphone at a discount. A sort of “cash for clunkers” deployed while Apple is set to unveil its new iPhone 5S, and has low-cost version of iPhone 5C, probably around September 10.


Wall Street Journal , the former iPhone owners in good condition could receive up to $ 280 (212 euros) purchase credit. Information not confirmed by the giant Cupertino, California. To participate in the program, only available overseas, we must “first get the phone to a shop to get an estimate. The screen should not be cracked, the buttons should all work “and the phone must not have been exposed to water, told the American newspaper vendor of the Apple Store Grand Central in New York. In addition, the exchange offer is only valid for phones under contract with a service provider or by signing a new contract.

If Apple is preparing the ground for the launch of its new iPhone with this commercial offer, the group intends at the same time put his hand on the market for resale of iPhone has become a thriving business on the Internet. Israel Ganot, CEO of Gazelle, a site specializing in the resale of mobile phones and computers, believes that the market for “smart phones” and tablets used in the United States represent 14 billion dollars (10.6 billion euros) per year by 2015. The Used iPhone sell between 100 and 400 dollars (75.60 to 300 euros) on a website like eBay, depending on condition and model version. Chains like Best Buy also offer exchange old appliances. “There is therefore clearly a huge opportunity for many players,” says the specialist.

Apple Tim Cook begins to resemble Microsoft

The stakes are high for Apple, whose iPhone is the flagship product. Even more than its share of the global smartphone market is eroding face competition from cheaper models operating with Android, Google’s operating software, and manufactured by several groups, headed by the South Korean Samsung . A study by Gartner shows that Apple’s share of the global smartphone market fell to 14.2% in the second quarter while the Samsung grew to 31.7%. For its part, Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, believes this “measure promotional” shows that Apple has “lost its ability to innovate since the death of Steve Jobs.” According to him, the “Apple Tim Cook begins to look like Microsoft,” the software giant in decline and whose CEO, Steve Ballmer, has announced his next start.

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