Thursday, August 15, 2013

Samsung: an ideas competition to win $ 10,000 -

You are resourceful, visionary, imaginative? Qualities that Samsung is currently looking for his ideas competition. The Korean giant seeks to explore new avenues, new concepts with flexible displays for who knows, launch a new product in a few years … the key $ 10,000!

competition to find new ideas for flexible displays

The South Korean giant is interested in exploring new ways to exploit its flexible AOMLED screen technology, it has launched a vast concourse of ideas and the best reward by $ 10,000. All developers, designers, contractors or crafty may participate in this contest by submitting ideas for future possible applications of flexible display technology, both in the professional sphere, and the general public.

samsung contest winning ideas flexible screen-10000-dollars

Must be accompanied by the idea of ??a true reflection, with precise specifications and an economic study. The rules established by Samsung are clear: “ products must use a flexible screen whose maximum size is 20 inches, do not go beyond a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, do not belong to a market niche and will be produced on a large scale . ” In addition, it will settle for 10,000 dollars gain because Samsung has already planned in the event of large-scale implementation, the creator refuses to claim any fees or charges.

Other price competition on Samsung screens flexible

There will not be one winner in this contest organized by Samsung, since the second receive $ 5,000 and third $ 2,500. This contest will start very soon, on August 29, 2013 and ending October 6, faster rendering their projects before September 15 will be eligible for assistance, recommendations or advice to improve their application before the deadline. Will there be born the future product from Samsung after the contest

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