Thursday, August 29, 2013

Consoles: Nintendo 2DS mocked on Twitter -

clash BatAffleck and twerking Miley Cyrus, Twitter has found a new nemesis: the Nintendo 2DS, unveiled Wednesday by the manufacturer, which will be released in France on October 12. A 130 dollars in the United States, it should cost as much euros in France, against 160 euros for the 3DS and 190 for the 3DS XL.

>> The trailer

As its name suggests, the 2DS can play 3DS games … 2D. Nintendo swears he does not abandon the 3D and it just wants to address all market segments.

mobile “low cost” is intended to fight against competition from tablets, even if the 3DS is selling well, with 32 million copies sold worldwide. This does not prevent the parody account boss Sony irony: “The 2DS is perfect for those who were too complicated to unfold the 3DS and disable the 3D effect.”

A non foldable laptop


the paradox of 3D games playable in 2D (many players and publishers already they disabled an effect not really nice), the design without turning the console under debate. For the principle of the two screens kept the 2DS is kind of a big square 13x15x2cm, which seems impractical to carry in the pocket and not really suitable for small children’s hands.

Internets did not take long before you find another use, so logger:

ad campaign is mocked. “When that happens, Nintendo?” Asked @ josh face staging an evening spent on the couple 2DS.

The price of the Wii U down in the United States

At the same time, Nintendo has announced a 50 dollar price premium pack of Wii U in the United States, offered from September 20 to $ 300. Nothing has filtered to Europe, where it always appears at 349 euros. It would be surprising if the old continent does not have the same boost, while Playstation 4 will land in November to 399 euros and the Wii U sells twice as much as its predecessor.


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