Sunday, August 11, 2013

Candy Crush reported 470,000 euros every day its designer - Senegal News

Candy Crush Saga, you know? This game was launched in 2012 and Facebook in mobile application simply to line up three identical candies disappear from the screen is free. To move faster and find ways to move to the next level, tools for sums of between 0.99 and 1.79 euros are offered. A boon for the game’s creator who would collect up to 470 000 euros per day.

Candy Crush is a game that was downloaded by 45 million players. It was the most downloaded game of the month of May on the AppStore and Google Play. That would be 9.7 million daily users use.

Its simplicity is only apparent: the principle is simple: the play must create combinations of colorful candies that appear on the screen when the combination is good, it disappears from the screen. When the screen is filled, the game is lost. The levels increase in difficulty as and when, and every 3 weeks, Candy Crush is updated.

new challenges are added, so do not get to pick. Based on the economic model of “free-to-play” (the game is free), it is however possible to find stuff to make progress paying tools between 0.99 and 1.79 euros. Some players revealing addicts, the money they spend to improve quickly can be important.

King, the English publisher of the game is a small company founded in 2003 which now employs 450 employees worldwide. With this game, it would clear today to € 470 000 per day.

behind the success of this game? Simplicity but also the opportunity to challenge his friends, but he also seems to create addiction. Some players are willing to spend to evolve in the game craze for this game is as Candy Crush gave birth to many products like socks stamped the name of the game, a limited edition leggings or a game “Kitchen Aid mix designed in the colors of the game price of success

Candy Crush, a successful game




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