Saturday, September 28, 2013

Privacy: Google will be sanctioned by the CNIL - Digital Zone

September 28, 2013

A decision will be taken by the European CNIL early October on the various possibilities and a formal and official decision will be made public at the end of a round of G29 to be conducted on 3 and 4 October in Brussels on the privacy policies are not respected by Google. The French CNIL decided to launch a “formal sanction” proceedings against the American giant. The CNIL announced the decision in a statement September 27, 2013. The Committee noted six offenses that are major inaccuracies in the explanations given to users, unfair collection of information, collection and data linkage without warning the user. Google is said to be in accordance and compliance with European law. The G29 will decide soon.

On 20 June, the G29, which includes protection authorities of the privacy of individual European states had set Google remains, giving him three months to change its privacy policy. The period therefore expires and the chances of Google respond favorably are low. The G29 aware that European regulations do not allow it to impose heavy financial penalties would be preparing a penalty for infringement fines which would multiply by the number of affected users, who are the users of Google. In France, it is not less than 40 million people who use the search engine. Either Google will comply with a due date or fines will be enforced. The French CNIL was granted an extension until September 26 to Google to change its privacy policy. The time is exceeded, the French CNIL undertakes a formal sanction dated 27 September 2013. Google responded yesterday to the deadline given in a statement challenging the reasoning of the CNIL, including the implementation of the Data Protection Act to services used by residents of France. Google has not fulfilled its commitments.

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