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VIDEOS. IPhone 5S and 5C will be on sale September 20 - Le Parisien

It was the big day! No more rumors and other disinformation, the annual Mass of Apple’s presentation was an opportunity to introduce two new iPhones, 5C and 5S in an industry increasingly competitive as the Apple brand is trying to regain its world leader. As analysts predict, it often directs the smartphone since the launch of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007 QUESTION OF THE DAY:. ALLURED ARE YOU IN NEW IPHONES
The innovations presented live from the headquarters in Cupertino, Silicon Valley (California), set the tone for a very profitable market as competitors are forced to follow the lead of the U.S. giant.


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  • Apple unveils iPhone Tuesday two Apple unveiled on Tuesday two iPhone
  • High-tech: s equip for a comeback 2.0 High-tech: to equip a comeback 2.0
  • IN PICTURES. Unveils Call iPhone 5S and 5C IN PICTURES. Call reveals the iPhone 5S and 5C
  • Apple: A new iPhone is expected to be presented in early September Apple: A new iPhone is expected to be presented in early September
  • iOS 7 could be officially launched on September 10 iOS 7 could be officially launched on September 10
  • Are you seduced by the new iPhone? Are you fascinated by the new iPhone
  • New iPhone: one week trailing Japan, too expensive for China New iPhone: one week trailing Japan, too expensive for China

Among the main changes, two new iPhone models and a new September 18 operating system, the iOS7 downloadable. The first model, 5C, will be available in blue, white, pink, yellow and green. 5S, more upscale version intended to replace the iPhone 5, is “the phone most advanced we’ve ever created and it contains incredible technologies,” said the director of marketing Phil Apple Schiller. It will be available in gold, silver, and gray. VIDEO. Discover iPhone 5S

VIDEO. We tested the iPhone 5C

5S can now support 10-hour phone conversation, or 40 hours of music listening. It will contain a “new microprocessor A7 Apple and the first 64-bit chip ever installed on a phone.” The mini-revolution is the fingerprint recognition is integrated into the main button.

> Relive the Apple keynote and presentation new products:

20:30. This is the end of the presentation Coming soon:. Our video testing the new iPhone 5C and 5S

20.20.. 5C The iPhone is available in blue, green, pink, yellow and white
and will be available in France suggested retail price of € 599 for the 16GB model and € 699 for the 32GB model iPhone 5c will be available on the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores, with some operators and some Apple Authorized Resellers.

8:18 p.m.. The Apple stock falls on Wall Street. Just after the major announcements, financial markets have slightly sanctioned multinational with a loss of $ 7.

20.15. Small musical break with Elvis Costello.

8:10 p.m.. IPhone 5S and 5C on sale on September 20 at 8:00 in France. Pre-orders will begin on the 13th only to 5C.

20 hours. Here are the prices, which are similar to the iPhone 5. With a two-year contract, the iPhone 5S is on sale at $ 199 for 16GB, 299 for the 32GB and 399 for 64GB. 5C iPhone will retail for $ 99 for the 16GB and U.S. $ 199 for the 32GB. The iPhone 4S will be free in case of renewal of contract.

7:55 p.m.. There is a fingerprint recognition on the iPhone 5S! This is the Touch ID and it is placed on the center button (Home). Suffice it to touch to unlock the phone. This recognition technology will also be used to pay on iTunes.


7:53 p.m.. The camera offers a built-in slow effect.
In addition to the conventional video camera, there is a new mode slow-motion. Everything will be recorded in HD (720p) at 120 frames per second.

7:50 p.m.. The new model has an improved camera. The sensitivity is more important to save larger pixels and thus obtain better pictures. White balance and light are optimized before launching the camera. It offers multiple AF. There are two LED flashes to a white and amber.


19.45. The battery life has been extended.

Apple promised 250 hours of standby, 40 hours of music or 10 hours of communication or internet browsing in 4G.

7:40 p.m.. Apple Introduces the M7, a processor that records the movements of the user.

7:35 p.m.. The iPhone 5S has a single processor, the A7 (64-bit).

It is advertised as two times faster than the previous generation. Graphics want to compete with video games for PS3.

19:30. The iPhone 5S is presented
It will be available in three colors with a golden shell.

7:28 p.m.. The iPhone 5C plastic will be sold to U.S. $ 99 for the 16GB and U.S. $ 199 for 32GB with a two-year contract.
will be able to capture most of the world in LTE networks.

7:25 p.m.. The iPhone 5C polycarbonate hardened and one block.

It is equipped with a Retina screen of 10 cm, an A6 processor and a more efficient battery.

7:22 p.m. . The iPhone 5C is presented first. C mean

colorful “: the model will be sold in five colors

7:20 p.m.. The presentation of the iPhone starts. After the new applications of iOS 7, this is the most anticipated.

19.15. The iOS 7 integrates a new photo application and Radio. ITunes

The system will be downloadable for free from September 18 for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (5th generation).

7:13 p.m.. Other features that will change your iPhone:. A new Safari browser and improved Siri

The wizard can connect to Twitter and Wikipedia to research

7:10 p.m… First presentation with iOS 7, the new

operating system. As announced, iOS 7 allows you to search content from the home screen. It includes new forms of notifications and new sounds to indicate a message.

7:07 p.m.. Apple has sold 700 million iPhone according to its CEO.

19 hours. Let’s go for the keynote even if Apple does not broadcast video of the presentation.

The event is broadcast only to reporters in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin.

6:55 p.m.. Apple holds its first presentation to his headquarters for two years.

After the Yerba Buena Convention Center in San Francisco for the iPhone 5, the multinational has returned to a smaller room where they introduced the iPhone 4S.

18:45. Tim Cook has just returned to the presentation room.

The Apple CEO will speak in 15 minutes.

18:30. Pressure mounts around the world.

6:25 p.m.. The market share of Apple is expected to grow.

The research firm IDC projects that Apple will increase its annual market share to 17.9% against 16.9%.

6:15 p.m.. The conquest of China started in parallel.
Apple has also invited the press to an event Wednesday in Beijing that analysts should be an agreement with China Telecom, the leading mobile operator in China with a huge network across the country.

6:05 p.m.. Our reporter Aymeric Renou following the presentation for the Europeans at the Apple Store in Berlin.

18 hours. The App Store is inaccessible for several hours.

As with every official presentation platform downloads is off. The iOS 7 could be downloaded tonight.

VIDEO. We tested the iPhone 5

VIDEO. In Paris, the fans of the iPhone 5 will stop at nothing

VIDEO. Apple introduces the iPhone 5

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