Friday, November 27, 2015

Sweep to new technologies –

A new broom sweeps well. Very good? It is believed that the small world of curling. The International Federation (WCF) has banned competing new brooms “high-tech”, accused of gaining an unfair advantage and distort the discipline. Manufactured by a Canadian company, these brooms utilize a revolutionary fiber fabric carbon. They allow faster and more efficient brushing too so according to his detractors who believe they can change the direction of a stone.

Glenn Howard Former world champion did not mince words on Radio Canada. “It’s like using a joystick that says to go right, left, further, less far. In the past, the success of a sudden depended 80% of launch and 20% of the sweep. For a year and a half, it’s the opposite. This is unacceptable. “The curlers are then swept outside their house. And, for now, only the brushes available for public sale until November 17 can be used.

The problem of new technology had made waves in the Beijing Olympic Games basins reminds Quartz newspaper . 90% gold and 23% of new global brands (36 in total) had been considered a Speedo suit, the LZR Racer, composed of polyurethane.

Cycling prepares to operate as a major technological moult. Disc brakes could be allowed from 1 January. Even though they are not unanimous in the pro peloton. Tested late in the season, especially in the Vuelta, disk brakes are used for a decade in the mountain bike and cyclocross in two years. Peter and bike rolling amass maousses criticism and controversy. (24 hours)

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