Tuesday, November 24, 2015

RENT 2015: What new technologies to real estate? – LaVieImmo.com


Hervé Parent

Biography Herve Parent is consulting, real estate marketing specialist. Author of The Marketing of Real Estate, Dunod. Manager of HP consulting advisory firm, he performs many tasks in the real estate sector. Founder of living RENT- Real Estate & amp; New Technologies, the lounge … Read more

The lounge RENT- Real Estate & amp; New Technologies has just taken place at La Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. For its third edition, the event brought together 2,500 participants for two days, real estate professionals around the innovations presented by 140 exhibitors and 20 conferences and debates on the role of new technologies.

Professionals have become addicted to ICTs

While real estate agents, property managers and promoters are known to be somewhat tech savvy to see behind on their customers, we have seen that the most knowledgeable come in numbers, not only to make a technological, but also to test and adopt new products presented by exhibitors that are both industry leaders as young start-up created less than a year. This is the sign that the real estate shift to a digital world began. While we expected a “disruption” carried by individuals, are the professionals who carry innovation.

Geolocation, dipping and

The geolocation of properties was a major topic of RENT as several leading players announced on the occasion of the exhibition, now that their ads will bring all the information local on goods for sale while respecting the interests of estate agents. Immersive sites with or without a helmet, have been one of the most notable attractions. This technology, which has video games, is now developed and allows to visit as in real property that does not exist. The French start-up of this sector are leading and their expertise is recognized around the world. But professionals have also discovered new platforms of real estate auction, real estate crowdfunding, tablets for states places, customer relationship management tools, databases, home staging and even a virtual stand Japanese to perform very playful virtual tours with mini Legos.


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