Monday, November 2, 2015

New technologies: When our good old balance takes … – La Voix du Nord

In recent years, the connected scale has scrounged marketplaces to become an ally phobic of weight gain or sports. For this item can deliver many other indications.

The connected scales are used to record the weight in the cloud and to follow its evolution from a web or mobile application. According to the chosen scale, one can know the percentage of fat, muscle or water, interesting information for athletes. The connected scales may also recognize different users. And accompany a move by playing the role of a coach: they can give advice to change habits, set goals loss or weight gain, or even encourage … Of course, a balance of such works coupled to a smartphone , shows a connected or a computer on which an application has been installed. But the interface of these applications is very simple.

For once, it was the French who gave the LA in the field, there are two years. Specialist personal action items, the brand has developed Withings scales that connect via the Withings app mate health. Smart body analyzer is always sold € 150. But, as often, the competition has caught up. The French are now closely followed by companies like Fitbit, with its balance Aria about 110 €. And specialist applications dedicated to the sport of Runstatic with his Libra (€ 120). Note that the historical brand Terraillon made a comeback in this market with the Web coach pop 2.0 (€ 80) a balance that offers the possibility to appeal (with subscription) to a nutritionist.

The price a connected scale varies from € 50 for a basic model for € 150 for a product with more information.


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