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The Mabilais totem becomes the building of new technologies … – Monitor

“French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo” moved to Mabilay, an iconic building designed in the 70s by architect Louis Arretche and where are born the Minitel and the smart card.

Rennes acquired three plates of a wing of the building to install Mabilay ecosystem are of the “French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo.” Established on 2100 m 2 , in spaces built by the SAGA agency “French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo” now organize into a coherent whole, on three levels “as the three floors a rocket “with distinct and specific functions for each level: occasional attendance at level 1, level 2 and regular business hotel with 2 years renewable lease once for surfaces ranging from 50 to 200 m 2 . The building hosts, besides these start-ups, including a dozen companies and ARMORGREEN I3L (Legendre group) and a coffee shop.

In the city center, the building designed by architect urbanist Louis Arretche early 70s, was home for three decades tégionale Directorate Telecommunications and France Télécom, which left the building in 2008. It was in this building that were born many innovations such as Minitel or card Smart.

Disused, the building had become obsolete particularly energetically. Legendre group and the Rennes agency Unit took on the challenge to rehabilitate this very symbolic for building Rennes. After heavy work of deconstruction and asbestos removal (2010-2011), concrete facade was washed with high pressure and waterproof to showcase its original color according to the will of the architect of buildings in France and the ‘consultant architect of the city of Rennes. Three gardens designed by the landscape of Nantes Phytolab come dressed building perimeters.

Today, the Mabilay regained the standards of the office market (BBC 2009 renovation). This seven-story building tripod now includes 16,250 m 2 divisible offices (21 trays) and features in high street, a coffee shop, restaurant with terraces and gardens and rooms seminars, as well as 271 parking spaces in total.

Finally, Mabilay is enhanced at night by Bruno Peinado light work. Its tower of 83 m -formerly hertzienne- now part of this highlighted.

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