Saturday, February 20, 2016

New technologies as Umberto Eco, this fake troll –

In reviewing the comments, sometimes controversial, his comments on the new technologies, we see Umberto Eco embodied the figure of the anti-troll.

Umberto Eco died of cancer on February 19 at the age of 84. If he was best known to the general public for his novel published in 1980 Pink Name , it was not just a fiction writer. Philosopher and essayist, he spoke repeatedly about technological changes in our society, including in a column he stood on the Italian weekly L’Espresso website. And if he made comments critical about new technologies, sometimes at the limit of what a troll (or an embittered old man) could have asserted a condescending tone and reactionary, it has often proved to be a supposed analysis and humorous of the world around him. Because, as he said in an interview with L’Observateur in 1991 (in three parts), even if it could be “feel uncomfortable in [his] time. Trying to understand what is happening [was] the only way to [him] out of this malaise “.

Umberto Eco therefore not without expressing his discomfort. And sudden shock formulas. It is he who, in 2015, spoke of “invasion of fools” to describe social networks:


“They gave the right to speak to legions of idiots who, before, spoke at the bar, after a glass of wine and not causing harm to the community. We immediately had them shut while today they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize. “


It does not hide his dislike for mobile phones and mass exhibitionism as their use allowed. In his book For backwards like a crayfish , collection of texts written between 2000 and 2005, he spoke in terms of raw and sharp: “The fool who, beside us in train, settles aloud financial transactions, in fact struts with a crown of feathers and a multicolored ring to the penis. “

” I’m not nostalgic “

yet behind these remarks highly critical of new trends, Umberto Eco wrote in Libération in 2009: “I’m not nostalgic.” in a 1965 article titled “music and the machine “he even criticized the ” moralistic culture “, which he defined as ” the man who, endowed with a certain intelligence, mark the appearance of ethical, sociological phenomena aesthetic, but [...] prefers to devote his sharp intelligence to the [...] relegate among the negative elements of a society plagued by overcrowding and science fiction “. Is that his polemical often concealed more subtle reflections, far from Manichaeism.

For example, when Le Midi Libre asked in May 2015 if he says “Internet distorts spirits “, he replies that ” just be equipped to use it. It’s like a supercar should know driving. Otherwise, it goes straight into the wall “. All in all, this company countertop reflections is not only made up of fools: “There is the computer like idiots there are idiots Walkman seen wiggle and scream in rock concerts, he told L’Observateur in 1991. [...] in the company of babbling of ours, there is the fool, but he is also the mutant. Whoever is able to live so interesting that plurality of contemporary languages. I do not have to pass judgment on that, I am just observing. “ But not always in silence and sometimes truculent remarks and removed, did you want to add.


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