Saturday, February 6, 2016

The conference Tablettistes: Balancing education and new … – Le Huffington Post Quebec

This is the 17 February will be held in Toronto the third bilingual edition of the Conference The Tablettistes. On the menu, debates and exchanges between content producers, tool creators and actors from the world of education.

Organized since its inception by TFO, the French-language public educational network Ontario, the forum aims to put forward the potential of digital to support young people throughout their learning path.

“new technologies and virtual realities are now part of everyday life. The conference continues its goal of reflection and dialogue in order to offer innovative perspectives, “said in a telephone interview Glenn O’Farrell, President and CEO of Groupe Média TFO.

the Tablettistes is an event that can be seen as a relay, an opportunity to stimulate discussion that allow the meeting among representatives of education and the technological discoveries.

“We are talking about future says Glenn O’Farrell. The question is how technological tools can help us design learning. For example in TFO we created several educational channels on YouTube to facilitate access to our programs by younger. “

Speech by Paul Martin

This year the forum will feature fourteen speakers, including former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. It will give a keynote address on education among young people from First Nations.

Very involved with Aboriginal communities since the end of his political career, Paul Martin will return to his experience quoting pilot projects in two primary schools in Ontario through its foundation called “the Martin Aboriginal education Initiative.”

“We want people to come out of this conference day with a mind the idea that only dialogue helps find solutions. Given the challenges that lie ahead in new technologies and learning, open public debate and ask questions is crucial, “said Glenn O’Farrell.

Other speakers follow. As such, include the presence of the founder of Modern Media Learner, Will Richardson, the YouTuber Cynthia Dulude, the ambassador rights of students in Student Voice, Erik Martin, and development director at Spongelab Interactive, Joseph Wilson.

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