Thursday, February 18, 2016

Automata and new technologies for farmers – the farmer Normand – Eure Farm

Expansion of herds and reduction of time dastreinte are the incentives look for ways to pass the time limit to daily tasks in lifting. The digitization is a track, and filing dactivits other sectors, it diffuses into the equipments. Rflchir before investing, that is the position of dagriculture Rooms of Normandy which organize open late February.


In this difficult period it may stepfather incongruous and dplac speak investment. The dagricultures Rooms accompanying Flushing with the method of production cost experiencing these difficulties in everyday life. Our approach is not to promotionner particular equipment but to make it known the novelties, giving cls decision to Flushing for a project to mature and dispose of arguments neutral to assess its relevance, including economic MATIRE. Innovation based on the digital is strong, we are probably at the beginning of the wave and new manners to lead his flock appear. To illuminate this new sector, dagriculture Rooms Normandy engags have a program that beginning with two innovations, PLCs ration distributions and danalyses laboratory milk farm that allows dtecter the heat, mastitis and ctoses the Herd Navigator.Et innovation this is also the novelties that concern the welfare of cattle in their housing MATIRE ventilation and coating of soil.The Rooms dagriculture and their partners offer several appointments to render you the results of these first work

4 firm ouvertesen Normandiede 10 h 12 h 17 h 14 30et h
Wednesday 24 February 2016

-. Emmanuel Saliot St. Laurentde Terregatte (50). Salari alone with a half time of 87 ha and 60 VL, renewal and the Optimat 65 cattle feed engrais.Automate DeLaval since October 2013: Stay in my self organization and reduce the time to distribution.Atelier: approach economic of the equipment supply PLC

– Gaec Leroy of Coppice Montanel (50). Jrme and Jean-Pierre Leroy150 ha, 95 VL, VA and 25 engraissement.Automate of Rovibec power since May 2014. We wanted to limit the working time and move in mlange.Ateliers ration presentation of Rovibec PLC, the range of power controllers, ground btiment innovation and ventilation, monitoring of reproduction, electronic identification

Thursday 25 February

-. SCEA Fort Moville (27). 7 UTH with several workshops, processing and supply directe.Automate Lely Vector sale since February 2014. Automation has kept the milk shop. Workshops: presentation of Vector PLC, the range of power controllers, ground btiment innovation and ventilation, electronic identification, advice on crop fertilization with drones

Friday February 26

. – GAEC de Chefdeville Osmanville (14) Emmanuel Jeanneet Samuel Foucher. 175 ha and 105 VL – 940 000 liters of milk produits.Installation 2 DeLaval milking robots in March 2013 and Herd Navigator Getting Started in May 2013. Workshops: presentation of the Herd Navigator and the results of the survey users in Normandy the range of power controllers, ground btiment innovation and ventilation, monitoring of reproduction, electronic identification, fertilization with drones on board crops.
More precision on the website of your dagriculture House. with
supporting Littoral Normand and the financial support of CASDAR, the Lower Normandy Rgional Leuré dpartemental Council and Council.


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