Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Can we escape from addiction to new technologies? – Provence

The addiction to screens is a disturbing topical issue. To treat the community of communes of the Copavo, after “a screen without week” in June to educate young people the proper use of new technologies offers a new formula: Forum Theatre, a first in the territory Country Vaison-Ventoux. The idea is to involve parents and youth in an interactive show led by professional actors.

“The young or old audience was asked to go on stage”

the project, led by the Copavo in the PPPAUSE project accompanying parent device with professionals in child-related territory and adolescence, is jointly conducted by the leisure center and the Youth Club. Its director Dramane Diao says: “We chose a short skit from everyday life played by professionals lack this room a purpose, and young or old audience was asked to go on stage and find a way out. . the problem of the script “

the theme is that of cyber addiction: a young man addicted to the computer and displays, will marginalize, present attention problems in class and her mother who is a little overwhelmed by the situation will rely on him instead of guiding it. In the audience, there will be three potential roles: teacher, mom and young need help to find his way. A way to express themselves freely on sensitive subjects.

From Forum Theatre with the company Volt

It is the company Volt Nyons who was asked to mount this theater -forum. A company headed by Maxence Descamps who organizes shows for all ages as well as writing workshops and theater. The troop had already intervened in Saint-Romain within the youth initiative at the departmental Day MSA.

The show To geek or not to geek is an hour and followed by a time of exchange between parents, young professionals, and an appetizer buffet.

Tomorrow from 18 hours at the recreation center. Open to all. Admission free.


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