Thursday, June 25, 2015

Innov’action. New technologies for farmers – Ouest-France

In the framework of the 3rd edition of the Innov’action organized by the Chamber of Agriculture, eight farms Ille et-Vilaine were opened from June 23 to 26 This Thursday, June 25, the sector were invited farmers on the land of Jean-Marc Guérif of Gaec Valley at a place called the Besniauds to Sixt-Sur-Aff.

The aim is to discover methods and innovative ways along the lines of the technical, economic, social and environmental farms. All day the sector farmers discovered these technologies. In the morning, a panel of nearly thirty farmers listened attentively to the presentations of the various stakeholders.

Fertilize plots

“The drone allows direct diagnosis of the condition of the plant, taking account of potential mineralization plots and determines the protein option to increase the chances to meet the quality criterion”, precise David Leclerc. The general idea is to fertilize the most productive land for better use of them and ensure not to leave too much nitrogen in the soil. Farmers, obviously very interested, then attended a demonstration performed over a parcel of Jean-Marc Bruno Guérif Couilleau, drone pilot and responsible crop at the Experimental Farm of Derval (44).


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