Friday, June 12, 2015

RTBF defends: “The new technologies not infallible” – 7sur7

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06/12/15 – 4:02 p.m. Source: Belga
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The website of sports writing RTBF announced by mistake on Friday morning that the federal coach Marc Wilmots, leaving the Red Devils for the German club Schalke 04. This erroneous information was written as a test before being accidentally put online, reacted in time the public broadcaster. “New technologies are not infallible,” commented Bruno Deblander, the spokesman of the RTBF.

Shortly before 11:00 Friday, a tweet and a section of the RTBF announced that Marc Wilmots had chosen to leave the Red Devils to engage with German Bundesliga club. But in the next hour, a new couple of updates and article broadcaster denied the announcement. “We confirm that we have no information on the future of Marc Wilmots,” detailed the sports writing, arguing that the announcement had been “erroneously published on social networks.” “Our journalists, wishing to anticipate the choice of Marc Wilmots, created different sections, addressing all contingencies, both leaving that continued his work with the Red Devils. One of these items was left visible and was inadvertently released. ”

When contacted in the afternoon, RTBF services had not yet determined the cause of the error. “We do not know at what level of the distribution chain it happened at the level of journalistic cells or computer system,” detailed Mr. Deblander. “New technologies are not infallible,” he further added.

The speculation is rife about a possible imminent resignation of the coach of the Red Devils, a few hours of an important game against Wales, with a view to qualifying for Euro 2016.


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