Thursday, June 11, 2015

New technologies and added value – Comptanoo

Often used by companies as an indirect profitability lever, they are primarily used to reduce time and costs. Why reducer?

Innovation and value chain

This is when they are integrated directly to the value added chain of production enterprises as new technologies become a direct lever profitability.

One of the often cited case is the Air BnB provider who has no housing, but offers a service of linking between tenants and seasonal or casual lessors. The ad on Air BnB is free, but all transactions are made via the website, Air BnB cashing rents and ancillary services for a commission on the amounts and ristournant to the lessor the amount expected.

The added value lies well within the ability to use new technologies (in this case a site functioning as a social network with profiles of renters and tenants profiles) to create a value added service.

Other on the same model are set up in areas as varied as the books, restoration or sharing of mobility by car grid “smart”.

L importance of data sharing

The optimization and data sharing becomes a value in itself: big data, data mining, flow analysis are used to bring out the weak signals on which to build future strategies development.

This data optimization, based on the exponential growth of smartphones that are none other than concentrates technologies and applications still largely underused, presage a progressive offset certain uses of laptops to these perfectly mobile means.

How the human found there?

We obviously think of the “increased capacity”, with the first applications are the glasses augmented reality, allowing for example to display additional information in 3D as assembly lines to help technicians in the phases of assembly / disassembly of parts.

The new technologies also facilitate trends such as “do-it yourself”: some manufacturers rely on customer panels potential users who imagine themselves the new practices they would like to make a particular chip or electronic application. A process not really new in terms of marketing but applied new technology will allow uses more intuitive and easy to use.

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