Tuesday, June 9, 2015

With new technology, surf all year – RTL2.fr

artificial surfing
with Samuel Fremiot, Jules Roy

With the new technologies, we will soon be able to surf anywhere indoors, outdoors, no time constraints, wind or jellyfish!

In Bordeaux, “Wave Surf Café” will open tomorrow. The covered area will offer the first slippery slope of water available year round in France. So you can have a beer and an artificial wave propelled 35km / h

But there is an even more ambitious project. “Surfing Park” always in Bordeaux 6 hectares, that is to say, a huge wave pool. This is for 2017-2018 with a budget of 10 million euros. But be careful all this must be done in a green logic. It will produce energy on site. This kind of idea also exists in Nantes and Montpellier. The concept is inspired by the Foreign surfparks like Melbourne.

In the Paris region, two projects are to attract surfers lack of waves. “Wave in the city” in a complex with outdoor and a promised wave every minute and “Europa City” near the Roissy airport with surfing pool but also spas , ski slopes, shops and theaters.

But the revolutionary site is that of Snowdonia in Wales to open in August with a very low energy cost .

Finally, the advantage of this type of innovation is that it will popularize a sport that can not be done anywhere.

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