Monday, June 29, 2015

New technologies. The GreenGT drove at Le Castellet – Ouest-France

It looks like a LMP2. A different LMP2 other since, in addition to having a big wing on the back of the body, it has a wing in front. Which gives him a strange look of hammerhead … First feature. The most visible, the most spectacular … but the least interesting. For the true feature of this car, real rolling laboratory, is to issue a slight hiss, as if it were called upon to take off!

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, so devoid of any battery, this car has made its first laps Saturday noon, on the Castellet circuit. After two years of research engineer Jean-François Weber and his team of ten people.

“The stage is set”

“After two years of research, this car is near a GT racing. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell 340 kilowatts, which corresponds to 465 horsepower. Its range is 50 minutes, “ was first stated JFW. Before recalling “as it’s been over 50 years as aerospace became interested in hydrogen fuel cells. It is logical that the automotive world also interested. Would that for environmental, safety, reliability, power to weight ratio, resistance to vibration and acceleration … “

The result is there. After 35 days of rolling, 4,500 kilometers, this car which refuels in three minutes is ready to face other challenges. “The stage is set,” as likes to say Jean-François Weber. Before specifying “This laboratory car is not for the competition. It is especially the proof and demonstration that there are other alternatives that the combustion engine and electricity to power a car. But until there is no hydrogen stations … “

The opinion of Olivier Panis? “I enjoy driving this amazing car, really surprising. There are no speed to pass. She is silent. She is not yet ready to be aligned in competition. But the result is already conclusive. “

Will we see one day this prototype at Le Mans, as desired by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest? Not sure. “My goal is to demonstrate that hydrogen is an alternative. Not to compete, provides JFW. For now, I know that the big manufacturers do not. And yet … “

In the world of motorsport, we already knew the” Yellow tea pot “(the first Renault F1 turbocharger which regularly broke his engine in its infancy). He now has it the “GreenGT tea pot”, the car that rejects water as a vapor! “And there, it’s only water. This is not a head gasket problem! “ likes to say Jean-François Weber.


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