Sunday, October 16, 2016

The world economic Forum tackles impact of new … – The Echoes

California recently eased its regulations concerning the circulation test of autonomous vehicles. Since a few days, no need of driver human to oversee the artificial intelligence behind the wheel. The legislation, however, remains binding and has been denounced by a senior executive of Toyota Motor North America. How to find the right environment to accommodate new technologies and to protect citizens without slowing the progress ? It is to provide answers to this question that the world economic Forum opens a research centre in California.

The objective of this institution, which organizes every year the Davos summit, is to study the problems, ethical, legal and social, posed by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones military, 3D printing, coins, digital… It will bring together industry experts, members of government and academics in its “Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, one of the cyberintelligence, digital, or robotics.

A platform for dialogue and exchange

The institute will be installed in the vicinity of the park Presidio in San Francisco, equidistant from Europe, Asia and South America. But also closer to the innovation. The centre is conceived as a platform of exchange and dialogue, sharing of ideas and experiences, but also of actions. Start-ups, investors and providers of risk capital (Venture capitalists) in the region will be invited to participate to enable members of the centre to anticipate the consequences of technology on society. The world economic Forum fears such as increased automation in some sectors such as mobility threatens millions of jobs.

This could be part of the ten projects on which floor the sixty experts who will be hired full-time under the direction of Murat Sonmez, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. Some may see this initiative as the counterpart of that carried out by the private actors of the Tech around the artificial intelligence.


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