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The respect of guarantees have been nearly a thousand … – Le Vif

Compliance with the rules of warranty on products and services have been 961 reports the FPS Economy last year, revealed Thursday 2013 Annual Report Economic Inspectorate. It is mainly the ICT products (new technologies) that were targeted, although reports in the field of furniture and appliances that have increased sharply.

Of the 17,147 reports, complaints and requests for information on various subjects received last year by the Front Office department of FPS Economy, 961 reports (6 pc) were problems with the product warranty and services.

And these are mainly ICT products that were the subject of reports, reports on the rise. There were in fact 341 cases in 2012 to 538 last year. The second area shown, for new cars or used, it continues a reverse trend, from 132 cases in 2012 to 118 in 2013, follows the furniture sector (91 cases in 2011, 9 in 2012, but the 104 year last) and the appliances (67 cases in 2012, 98 in 2013).

The FPS Economy conducted last year an online survey among consumers regarding the very issue guarantees and received 1,351 responses to 2,390 products purchased. Consumers could report its personal experiences warranty and should state whether or not accepted a pay additional warranty provided by the seller. He was also asked if the product (s) purchased (ies) had (are) submitted a defect within two years after purchase.

Of the 2,390 products, 18 pc had submitted a defect. 4 pc already had delivery, 7 pc in the first six months and 7 per cent over six months after delivery. Only 4 per cent of respondents reported taking a pay additional warranty.

Three-quarters of respondents who experienced a problem contacted the seller and 54 pc of them say that it has solved the problem (repair or replacement free of charge), either immediately or in the week in 49 pc of cases. In other cases, the seller preferred to refer to a third or point fingers misuse of the product by the consumer, says the FPS Economy. Beyond the first six months after delivery, some sellers are hiding behind the reversal of burden of proof for not intervening adds SPF.

The survey also showed that consumers are relatively well informed of his right to a statutory warranty of two years, “but much less the reversal of the burden of proof after the first six months,” said SPF’s report.

Similarly, consumers often wrongly automatically entitled to a replacement unit and ignored as often as it is not required to make the original packaging or exclusively to provide its invoice or sales receipt for proof of purchase to qualify for the statutory warranty says SPF.

“This is why the FPS Economy has conducted mediations sector with market players in the electronics industry (which is often a problem for warranty) and reminded them of the statutory duty for informing the seller and the obligation not to infringe the legal rights of the consumer in the offer commercial guarantees. ”


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